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One reason I created this blog was to inspire men to fight back against women and manginas.  We need ideas on how to fight back.  Remember that no idea is too small.  Even if it only has an effect on a small number of people it still has value and should be used where possible.  Any action a man can do to fight back against even just one woman or mangina gets us closer to freedom.  Remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Post your ideas on how to fight back in the comments.  Don’t worry if you think your idea is not good enough.  The only bad idea is one you don’t submit.  All ideas can and will be improved by discussing it with the other men here.  I will post ideas that are posted on this blog elsewhere.

(Disclaimer:  Nothing on this page consitutes legal advice.  If you need legal advice consult a lawyer in your jurisdiction.  You and you alone are responsible for knowing the legal consequences for any action you might take as a result of this page.)

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  1. Free Man said.

    We can’t do anything at work but we call women out on their bullshit anywhere outside of work. If they are rude to us, we are rude to them right back (with a fat comment thrown in for good measure). We also refuse to fall for any of their requests for “help” and any of that crap. Some of us are refusing to pay for dates (this pisses them off to no end)

    One idea we’ve had is to email (anonymously) coworkers of women who’ve made false sexual harassment claims telling them these women have made false claims. This might hurt their reputations, however it requires really good IT skills (which we have to borrow) as the emails must be truly anonymous and untraceable.

  2. Ive have seen this said many times by women, or some incarnation of this, “I used to get all kinds of male attention and I hated it, not that I don’t get any male attention for being older im invisible and am really sad.”

    It’s that simply with women. Just ignore them. If you have to work with them or talk to them at the cash register, then keep it short and to the point. Just ignore, ignore, ignore. When I walk down the street around or at my university I cross the street when a woman is on the same sidewalk as me. I can tell it pisses them off. It may be difficult to do something like this in a big city but if you saw all the guys walki9ng on one side of the street in new york then it would make a real statement.

    Also, starve the system by working as little as possible and paying as few taxes as possible. Don’t pay more than 5 bucks on a date or even that and GoYour Own Way. Women need men more than men need women.

    • The interesting to remember is that women don’t expect special treatment from the guy they really want to be with… when was the last time the alpha spent 100 bucks on a girl? That’s right, he didn’t.

      The only people supporting these women are the “men who are not wanted”. You can see this in the way there is little to no social interaction, except when the woman has a “use” for the man, to get her one step closer to alpha or the lifestyle the alpha leads (so that she can make contact).
      e.g. Recommendation letters, moving help, job leads, homework help, computer repair, emergency transportation.

      If more men were actually busy doing their own thing, more of the women would be forced to acknowledge them as individuals. Too many men around for women with ideas of being a princess means that the women will pit the men against each other, “for the privilege of using an individuals’ resources to make sure the princess never has a reason to socially interact with them ever again”.

      Talk about a scam.

  3. Don’t buy anything you see advertised. If advertising stops working, companies will stop footing the bill for a lot of the misandry on TV.

    • And now is a good time a boycott like this could have an effect. People aren’t buying things due to the recession. The American consumer is tapped out and doesn’t need anymore crap. A lot of companies are hanging on a thread and a boycott from us could push them over the edge.

  4. Good Grief!

    What exactly have women done to you? Besides what apparently seems to “be accused of sexual harrassment”?

    What was the scenario? Did you really did something to the woman?

    From my experience, if you ignore women from the beginning, and mind your own business, women will not care about you either, hence there will not be any interaction between you and *them*.

    For a woman to come bitching around with a “sexual harrassment” argument against you, means that you did interact with that woman, make it “friendly” or “mere business”.

    For a woman to rise her Bitch flag against you, you had to have done something to her in first place.

    And for your idea that Game does not exist, lol, let me tell you that it is not a magic formula to get girls, but a way of thinking that let you understand them and not making their Bitch Flags rise: think of how you solve quadratic equations:

    The first time you saw:

    You may have thought “Holy crap that thing is impossible! Even though a lot of people can solve it, I can´t see the way I can do it. Everything that I do turns as a wrong answer”.

    Then we learn to solve these equations, (we learn to game): “A quadratic equation? Piece of cake, now let´s find it´s derivatives and look for better polynomial functions!”

    Ignorance is bliss->Knowledge is power.

  5. I’ve got a good idea how you can fight back: Rant on the internet. Because that really helps.

    Hey and why not turn yourselves into spiteful, miserable people who direct all of their sexual frustration at the one thing they can’t get? Ah, ok, you did that already.

    I’m actually not here to attack you all. I know, women can be real bitches. But reading this blog, it’s pretty clear men can be real shits too. Why hate women just because you can’t get them to sleep with you? That’s like hating customers for not buying your product. In fact, it’s like making your already unwanted product even worse, so they’re even less likely to buy it.

    Fine, don’t pander to women’s often crazy desires and let them piss you around (because some of them really will), but don’t hate them. Some women aren’t very nice pieces of work, and treat all men (and in fact all people) like crap, because they have learnt they can get away with it. But most women are pretty reasonable, nice people. To figure out which one a woman is, just imagine that they were a guy – would you still like them? There are lots of hot girls that you kid yourself you like as people but are really not.

    But most women are nice – and they mostly just want someone who is reasonable, who’ll stand up for themselves, is kind, but doesn’t take any shit. If you wan’t to know what women want, imagine yourself the perfect woman (not looks, just personality). She’s probably intelligent, cool, generous, funny, creative, kind…well, that’s what women want too. After all, once you’ve gotten over what they look like the fact that you get to sleep with them (which doesn’t take long), personality is all that’s left. Turning yourself into a resentful asshole isn’t going to help anyone, especially not yourself.

    Just a thought.

    • If most women are nice…
      Why are most women initiating divorces, from the man they said they would “love forever”,
      While it is no secret that women initiate violence at comparable rates to men, in a domestic situation?
      And they have no problem saying “Must keep me in the style to which I am accustomed”?
      I thought they were nice?
      Or is it …
      They are nice to men they are attracted to … who may not be THE MEN THEY MARRY.
      And … the men they marry, get them when they’re all used up and they can’t attract the men they are attracted to, anymore.

  6. Oh and my final point was going to be – if you want to end up with one of those nice, non-bitch women, then why not try and be intelligent, cool, generous, funny, creative and kind yourself.

    The myth that women just want asshole ‘players’ who’ll mess them around is bullshit. True, some women do want that – but they are usually either asshole players themselves, or 15 years old and don’t know any better. Running around after someone who’s a prick gets pretty boring pretty quickly. By 25, most women are looking for someone to settle down with – someone, essentially, to father their kids. Someone kind, reasonable … yeah I won’t labour my point. Pretending to be an asshole player is one way to attract women, but it’s a pretty shit way. Be kind, reasonable, and stand your ground. Treat them like you would one of your guy friends. Don’t let them get away with any more, and don’t give them any less that you do in your friendships with guys.

    In short, you just need to get over the fact that they are girls, and treat them like people.

    • Adam, I agree with everything you said regarding relationships with women, however the last part is indeed arguable. Women (especially single mothers) are heavily reliant upon government and the welfare state for protection and provision. The infrastructure of the Western world is designed, constructed and maintained by men. The whole system operates because of men who want to provide and protect their families and loved ones. Should the system collapse then you get a situation like some failed African states; with widespread murder, rape and looting.

      Additionally, if the all that is required of males for reproduction is ‘a vial of sperm’, then all we really need from the female is their uterus. I’m not even talking about a fully artificial uterus, just sustain the organ itself with oxygenated blood and synthetic hormones then dispose of the rest of the female. Essentially, science has now reached a point wheree neither the male OR the female body are strictly required for sexual reproduction. (If you want to get really screwy, there is xenopregnancy, where the human embryo is sustained inside the uterus of another animal, or a human uterus is grafted into the circulatory system of another immunosuppressed, large, placental mammal such as a cow, the birth is then by caesarean section).

      Further, even 100,000 vials of sperm would cut down the genepool from it’s current level of billions of individuals this increases the chances of birth defects the more generations are born from the same sperm, with effects not becoming fully apparent until a few generations have passed (the ‘founder effect’). It would also reduce the potential for evolution of the human species by providing far less variation.

  7. And as for this:

    “Women need men more than men need women”

    … well actually, last time I checked, we (men) don’t have any way of reproducing without women, whereas all they need is a vial of frozen sperm, and they are good to go. SO arguably, we need them way more than they need us. Which is perhaps reflected by the fact that sites like this exist.

    • yeah dude if that’s your need then you can cry all over it. The reality is that men want women, women need men.
      What you think men hating on women for not giving them sex, look at women who hate men for not being good enough to be their boyfriends.

      “By 25, most women are looking for someone to settle down with – someone, essentially, to father their kids. Someone kind, reasonable … yeah I won’t labour my point. ”


      “In short, you just need to get over the fact that they are girls, and treat them like people.”

      yeah no shit.

  8. The quote you use (“journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”) stems from Laotse, the founder of Taoism!!! I want to tell you how taoist energy cultivation brought me huge benefits. But I must explain from the beginning:

    I am 27 soon but unkissed, didnt come even close to it – also cause I had bigger problems, nasty school experiences, no friends, inability to find a job etc. (Aspergers)
    After finding no apprenticeship in the age of 16, I for at least ten year fell into the abyss, where I had to brood about it and read shady books to find myself again. Today I nearly managed to repair the collateral mental damages, and am not really depressive anymore.

    I found out, it all depends on how you look at live. I managed my constant life crisis and can see more and more glimpses of sense in life – for me sense is culture, and today I can write articles for a small underground magazine (unpaid) and short storys, I want to fight against inhuman mainstream culture. If I dont benefit, coming generations will, and my case shall never happen again.

    Where did I get the energy from to revive again? Nearly all depends on how you look at live. Generally a virgin like us – an Asperger one in particular – often has a huge Superego, is inhibited, is self-conscious. But thats only connotated negative – discover the benefits of it! You have consicousness that was enough for 2 or 3 people! You never are alone! You could have a one-man-orgy! I concentrate on my cultural work while I get the energy through such self-love. But one has to do it right, it should last half an hour at least. For years I handled myself the fastfood way. Now I dont even ejaculate most times! That way, the brains are harmonized > less depression. Sadly, most men dont know such secrets. Because western sex education lies about the male body that was “simpler” than the female. There is so much more! In fact, men need a sexual liberation of themselves, too, more than women!

    Masturbation is a philosophy of life to me. In our town, there is a very smart leftist politician who stated that he lives alone but very much likes to masturbate when they portraied him in the most important nation-wide soft news broadcast.

    I developped e.g. a very satisfying way of handsfree, frictionless masturbation, only through pelvic muscles (Flexing the PC-Muscle then the Sphincter. Its important to find the right flexing intensity and rythm. Having to keep the rythm while also stimulating nipples keeps my attention and prevents my thoughts from flying away) We can generate energy from ourselves! Probably you can´t fake or replace certain important values a true relation offers, but you can at least generate that life energy by yourself. If your sexual satisfaction doesnt depend on women, you can look out for true values. I say to myself: Love is for the living. I also say to myself: “Friends are for the weak” and I have to maintain just that same kind of arrogance that brought me through my school days. But I´ll keep an eye open for opportunities. And whilst that, culture is my way of payback. Dont make yourself depend from superficial female amenities!

    Anyhow: From nothing nothing comes. I once was woken up by a seemingly unimposing girl who did send me my first look of love (she must have been drunken or something). She started all of my recent improvement process! It was only that look and nothing further, dont know her (and she must be already in a relation -> jewellry), but she brought me a dream the night of that day, in which I found my inner wife (anima), which I held captured in a dark cellar, she slept on a mattress and a hedgehog tried to pass by, but it was impossible. Today I try to release her more and more. Shortly after I saw her, I got interested in love techniques. That way I found Taoism (Deer Exercise, Cool Draw etc.) that opened my horizon. A lot of those techniques can be used alone (But when I had a girlfriend, I would choose Karezza) but you have to lycos them by yourself (to many to describe them all).

  9. I somehow also believe game does exists on one hand, on the other hand it does not. I think in small scale it does not exist, maybe only in the form of young teens who try to impress each other with sex storys. But in large scale it exists in a way: Everything looks like the game to me: People buying symbols of status, try to get jobs with a good image etc.

    You think, there are any introspective women??? 😉 Rarely seen one. Women are superficial, maybe not born superficial, maybe only their socialization makes them superficial.

    Generally woman are seen more and more equal to men: We think they want exploding orgasms and want to “female ejaculate”. Some women actually trained theirselves to live sexuality like men and believe it. But its not natural, they dont function like men. I read a lot about Karezza and Tantra, and a tantric site brought me an interessting insight: Women want to go inside in sex, the dont want explosive orgasms. Rather deep valley-orgasm ones. Because women are water elements, while men are fire. So could it be possible that women are caught in their own superficiality and need a man who helps them getting deeper? So depressive guys like us would have a huge advance. But why do those ?x*+ girls not choose us?!

    They are so superficial, they e.g. are intrested in people like foreign legionarys, because they got the image of adventure and so. Or seamen or such guys. The most beautiful girl of our school back then had a guy who dressed like a punk. Somehow they like rebels, no matter if its only air behind. They are superficial to the core! Most girls are so superficial that i am glad today that other men care for them!

  10. I am a rebel in a way, too – cause I dislike neoliberal world order. But I dont dress like that. Should I wear superficial Che Guevara-Shirts and carry a red flag all the times? But you are right, possibly the attraction to rebels consists only while puberty. Women are enigmatic! Only God knows their ways …maybe 😉

    I was at the fitness centre today (against my back ache) and saw a lot of gorgeous girls but somehow it doesnt please me. It really is the metaphysical “nausea” I mentioned: I always begin to doubt: What is beauty? Why are they beautiful? Why do I feel attracted in a way etc.

    And then I saw another kind of beauty, of woman, I already saw her multiple times, and she attracts me in another way. She was nude!! I only saw her nude allways – cause she was in the sauna. Damn, I should buy contact lenses 😉 No, to be serious, I dont dare to stare anyway.

    I think, this personal insight is important for me: I feel attracted despite I didn´t even see her clearly! She is a little bit chubby, but in the way no one would tell her to loose weight. A few months earlier, I didn´t know I once could be attracted by a chubby girl!! And then I even looked at pics of all kinds of girls in the Internet, even ugly ones, to open my horizon. A very precious experience cause we are coined by the women we see in magazines and television.

    I feel attracted of her character which I think I can predict a bit, she must be rather deep, a special woman, yet cause she regularly comes into mixed sauna without a partner. Thats my rule of thumb: The beauty of a woman should not be too blatant. And when I want to know more about her, e.g. her job (I am not curious in general), then I know, she is interesting! The “nausea” was nearly imperceptive.

    But could I be attractive to her? I doubt. I am not really ugly, but got a bad posture, my voice, lacking emotions.. Aspergers syndrome is like a bad trip, I never know my effect on others and cant control it, dont even know how abnormal I really are.

    “Attractive” girls dont interest me anymore. But If I see a mysterious one like today, I am longing for love suddenly. But I got a solution to soothe that: Thinking back to the age when we were 10 or so. Try that! Works immediately! Back then, girls only were boring and annoying, you wanted to discover the world instead, not only certain bodies. Maybe all successful artists and writers stayed children in that way.

  11. In “The Beach” one of the island folks there looks at Di Caprios fingers and tells him: “You play a lot of video games. That is a powerful index of incompatibility.”

    That´s how I feel. I think there is something like that “incompatibility”, I will always be apart from women. Today it doesnt bother me sexually anymore – at least not most of the time, but emotionally it does, and I just feel that something is wrong about my life, that it is not real and not correct. Sometimes it is hard to concentrate, with such thoughts in mind.

    I think everyone deserves someone. But our neoliberal system of money and status distorts everything. I think one should look out for girls who went to Waldorf schools. Or at least girls who stem from hippies (I am not completely joking: Three people who I liked and who seemed to liked me (which happens seldomly, and I even managed to drive them away, d´oh!) once really went to such schools or internates, which are a minority. For me, thats the absolute proof, that it is something about our value system and world-view.)

  12. You know my spleen for philosophers… I discovered a new one, a really interesting one: Slavoy Zizek. When I saw, what girl he was able to marry I got hope. Our time will come! We nerds can get any girl, when we once sucessfully finished building our rocket, no matter how we look.

    Just check up the following pic of the couple, and you will know what I mean 😉

  13. The “friend zone” is entirely a beta male problem, as an omega I would love nothing more than to be friendzoned. I’d rather have my existence acknowledged as a sexless “friend”, then be ignored off the face of the earth. It be great if attractive women actually wanted to spend time with me and talk to me, and even cry on my shoulder about their badboy boyfriend I could never be. And the hopelessness of ever being more than friends would take some of the awkwardness and tension away. And call me a sensitive white knight dreamer, but I actually would genuinely enjoy getting to know an attractive woman as more than a Disney princess in my fantasy but as a real person. And if this does lend me beta-male characteristics, that would be a bid promotion for me over omeganess. being a beta really isn’t so bad. I think the vast vast majority of internet betas are omegas in denial.

    • You’d get attention if you could help women with their studies, money, places to stay jobs, or connection to famous people. Have you observed that the alphas are not held to any standards whereas the betas and the omegas are?
      In other words, the fewer favours a girl asks of you the more highly she thinks of you. If she’s always asking how you are doing and wants to spend time with you she probably likes you. But it doesn’t mean much unless you like her… and some women only like a guy until they can break his heart.

      • “You’d get attention if you could help women with their studies, money, places to stay jobs, or connection to famous people. Have you observed that the alphas are not held to any standards”

        Except held to standards by the women who don’t go for them in the first place, but few people notice that because some other women do go for them.

        “If she’s always asking how you are doing and wants to spend time with you she probably likes you. But it doesn’t mean much unless you like her…”

        Yeah, that’s because you shouldn’t have to date someone who turns you off, same way women who you turn off shouldn’t have to date you.

        • “Except held to standards by the women who don’t go for them in the first place, but few people notice that because some other women do go for them.”
          Yeah, so the alphas are always in demand, thanks for proving my point.

          “Yeah, that’s because you shouldn’t have to date someone who turns you off, same way women who you turn off shouldn’t have to date you.”
          Women I turn off, you’re funny. Since most women work off of relational aggression and a female social network I don’t even need to meet them to have them already so-called “been taught what to think by the sisterhood”. It’s good that I’ve got other interests. And for all the so-called “woman’s intuition”, they manage to get into marriages that over 70% want to leave, but not before taking the man’s money first.
          And don’t you turn someone off AFTER they’ve met you, not before? So again, thanks for proving my point.
          So repulsive I’m judged before I’m met? And women are _less_ judgemental than men, eh?

    • “The “friend zone” is entirely a beta male problem, as an omega I would love nothing more than to be friendzoned. I’d rather have my existence acknowledged as a sexless “friend”, then be ignored off the face of the earth.”

      I can relate!

      “It be great if attractive women actually wanted to spend time with me and talk to me, and even cry on my shoulder about their badboy boyfriend I could never be.”

      What if a woman who’s no more attractive than you are actually wanted to spend time with you and talk to you, and even cry on your shoulder about the nice-guy boyfriends no other “beta” or “omega” guy wants to be?

      If you don’t *want* that possibility, you have every right to not want it (remember, no means no). If you don’t *admit that is a possibility in the first place*, then you’re dishing out some ignoring-off-the-face-of-the-earth treatment yourself.

      • There is nothing that women offer other than their bodies in this world. At one time men and women cooperated in long term projects ie partnership, today you are stepping into a minefield by doing this. The bedrock reality is that throughout most of the world women have needed men far more for economic and physical security than vice versa, the only reason they dont need you now is because the government is obviating the need for you. If you need the company of women go to a hooker, there is nothing immoral in it whatsoever.

  14. Well my only point or complaint is you have tons of threads on the web about betas and even omegas getting into the dreaded “friend zone”. You would think it would be the easiest thing in the world. If it is so easy, I’d like to do it.

  15. The Eunuch’s lot in history has been a happy one. There are manifold examples of healthy, happy and productive eunuchs.

    Emasculation is also known to produce longevity.

    • Maybe so, but have you noticed that they are now trying to make it illegal to have surrogates? So… they want you to “manage your sexual desire such that it is not an inconvenience to them”, BUT “you must desire them enough to be able to express it”.
      So either way, you give in to them – first you get emasculated, then you have no chance to make a second generation unless with their say-so?
      Great way to do things, never make a stand!

  16. Earn easy m0ney NOW – fast pr0fit – 100 % GAlN – no inv3stment necessary

    D E-W O M A N I Z E R – your new profession.

    Testim0nial by our graduate Martin U.: “Last month I made 10´000 US-D0llars working as a De-Womanizer during public appearances of George Clooney. I just went there after his stage time was over and then public services pay me for cooling down his aroused groupies just by standing around to reduce sound emissions and heat collapses. By now, I am a very asked De-Womanizer because of my high success rate. It takes some talent, but could you probably do that, too?”

    CAII N0W and register yourself with the DeWomanizer course NOW.

  17. I dont know if you have an interest in drugs or not, but there are thousands of research chemicals out there which mimic the effects of drugs. Look up MDPV, they are set to ban it now. There is another MDPV you could be producing now.

  18. This is what I do…

    I do not ‘work’, nor do I have any intention of ‘working’. I do ‘earn’ money but pay no tax whatsoever, including council tax. I film every single thing I do. I go where I want, when I want and track my movements with my phone. I do not accept any ‘femtalk’ from anyone. I do not give women anything, nor do I ask them for anything. I refuse to get into a ‘relationship’ with any woman further than allowing her to satisfy me sexually, if she asks. I make it my business to help men wherever I can, if I think they need help and don’t look down at other men. I challenge any feminist or mangina whenever I come across one and try to make it as public as possible (my favourite thing to do is call them out on trying to ‘oppress’ me lol). I write the name of my blog in any public toilet I use, and encourage others to do the same. I write about these issues and try to bring them to as wide an audience as possible. I talk to people about these things all the time, and encourage them to talk about them more. I write in to TV and radio shows frequently to complain about misandry and support anybody else that does the same.

    Just my $0.02, Thanks for the link BTW. 🙂

  19. We need to define and embrace the omega lifestyle. For non-naturals, going alpha is very time intensive, not to mention silly and cartoonish, often for the meager reward of banging mediocre women. In addition, the beta-provider route has high financial costs — house, car, etc. and the possibility of divorce theft — for only one woman, a woman that will quickly get old and fat and sexless, if she isn’t already.

    I’d like to see omegas advocate:

    1) Fun. In their personal lives, omegas don’t need to worry about impressing other people. That means we can do what we like doing while giving shamers the finger. It doesn’t matter if it is something nerdy like D&D, or manly like hunting. Just do it!

    2) Humping. Various services offer the opportunity of lawyer-free sex with hot women. Your way right away. We don’t need to wear the big black furry hat or be a kitchen bitch. Most women have had many partners in today’s world. That means at some level they’re all whores, so we might as well hump what we like. Advocating this needs to be indirect, given various laws in various places.

    3) Benjamins. Not as an end in itself. Given that we don’t need conspicuous consumption to impress the ladies, we have myriad financial opportunities with extra cash on hand. Instead of slaving away for a McMansion, or blowing money at clubs, we can financially plan in a way that maximizes opportunities for fun, chillin, physical fitness, video games, whatever, well into old age.

    4) Lulz. Society doesn’t love you; in fact, society hates you. So why love society? Have a good laugh, and channel your inner troll in all aspects of your life. Develop double-standards — rules that apply to others but not to yourself.

    5) Fuck that beta-male MRA “let’s save the world” bs. Fools make their own mistakes; wise men learn from the mistakes of other people. A magic Utopia with skittles and rainbows and puppy dogs and ice cream where one can live a 1950s lifestyle just ain’t going to happen. There are simply too many slut pedestalizers out there, cultural liberals and conservative Christians alike. We should do what we like, and stop trying to create heaven on Earth. No self-flagellation on behalf of a herd that hates our guts — the betas got that market covered pretty damn well, believe me.

  20. Let me start off by saying great blog. I have been lurking here for about a month and finally feel it is time to offer my input.

    First off, thank God for hobbies becuase if not for them I would have lost my mind a long time ago. I agree with the one post about never being angry enough at women because with hobbies you can take your mind off them and not be so angry.

    When I go out on a date I treat the women I am with respectfully and try and build a positive rapport with them and hope that it leads to a second date. I have found through online dating that very rarely will there be a second date as the women usually say there was “no chemistry” of some other bullshit like that. When I do take them out to dinner I will have them at least cover the tip becuase why should I pay for everything if they are not my girlfriend or I am not hooking up with them right?

    I would say the worst is when you meet a woman who seems nice and is into you and after three dates emails you saying she does not want to see you any more but smiles in your face and seems nice as can be in person. Talk about a two faced bitch. What I think they do is they have a lot of suckers lined up and they go through men like a graduation party goes through paper plates.

    To me it seems like sex is like a “club” where some men get it a lot and others are completely and totally excluded. I am part of this sexless “club” as I am a 29 year old male virgin. I have made out wih a few women but that is it. I probably coul dhave lost it in college but losing it to a drunken skank is not my cup of tea. You would think that being clean and curteous (I am more introverted) would land you women but apparently not. Someone I know said karma eventually catches up to you and hopefully that is true of these women who treat men like dogs. I have ad a wide variety of male friends through out my life from alpha to beta to omega. Alphas are jackasses but they will be the ones to get the disease and have to pay 18 years of child support for their fuckups! I would rather be in my situation that have to deal with child support or an STD. It seems the Betas and Omegas are more freethinkers and appreciate the more abstract/obsure things. So we really do have and advantage if you look at it that way.

    • Get your parents around to the way of thinking that you see young women demonstrating.
      Too many parents think their male children are way too choosy when they’re just cautious. Or living the alpha lifestyle that some parents really want to congratulate them on.
      And many marriages to the wrong woman happen because the man is trying to satisfy social expectations.

      The only person who has to live with the consequences in the end will be you.
      Not her, and certainly not her cackling friends who pick every opportunity to interfere.

      As hobbies I recommend reading and videogames. Because both those pursuits give you new things to speak about and enrich your knowledge and vocabulary.

  21. Namaste OV-Community, Long Time No Sex!

    It´s months since my last post. Since then I got not even close to touching the hair of a woman 😦 but my spywork brought new insights:

    – Don’t take Love personally!

    If someone receives love by today´s mentally irritated women, it is not because of his value. The meanest bastards can receive love. Girls chose guys judging the visible things: social status, body and money and the most important:

    Sorta love vibrancy. You have got it or you haven´t. I dont think one can get it.

    When I resume which guys I saw with the most girls I see those were guys who were somehow “animalistic” and not inhibited.

    The paradox thing is I am inhibited and I always have the feeling that I have harassed a woman just by talking to her. They* really give me the feeling that I am harrassing them (by their voice and taciturnity and looks)

    But other much more talented guys get girl´s smiles while they have an emanation and appearance which is sexual to the core and girls dont feel harassed at all!!! While those guys are like walking penisses. A penis as big that you dont see anymore it is a penis.

    Those Dickheads manage to address something inside women´s psyche by surpassing women´s rational filters.

    It is like commercials: Coke applying ads as big as house walls – and you accept it. But you get angry when a small local carpenter business which opened sends you an email or puts an ad under your windscreen wiper. Like Jesus said: For to all those who have, more will be given; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken

    Its like in animal kingdom a complex game of courtship and dissimulation. Purely based on special FX – plot doesnt matter. You cannot “deserve” love.

    So in short: I am the baddest molester. In my gallows humor and irony I often dream of a very very absurd death: I want to get killed by feminists.

    I suffer from having no good pussy magnet emanation. Maybe every man has an emanation when he is born, but mine was killed by education. It is about aggression, which shall not be repressed to much. In my education, the slightest aggression against my parents was verboten. I never managed to solve Oedipus complex as a child (Also had problems with Freud´s “Primal Scene”).

    A sad fact: My father was such a man like I described above.

    I can remember my early puberty time when I thought I can approach women similar… But the only thing you earn is laughter because this behaviour was not authentic, i did not fit me and did will never match me. It is like Hulk Hogan would do poetry.

    If you are like me, it is not easy o be on good terms with an alpha father (see David Lynch´s “Lost Highway” which is in fact the story of a Primal Scene Conflict and Oedipal Conflict.)

    One cannot get a systemid girl beeing a dissident guy. Its eugenics, they want to exterminate DNA of all thinking people. Why do they want you to draw your Genogram in psychiatry…? But nothing can take my will to live and fight the system. I fight mainly as an Infowarrior but sometimes also on the streets (e.g. at World Economic Forum)

    I am checkmate: 27 y.o. living with my parents, no car, no job (can only work in parents company which is nearly bankrupt) but my psyche gets better and better and I uncover the enemy more and more and can fight back (which really satisfies me)

    I also do hypnosis on me. Big recommendation! There are Torrents of Hypnodommes in Internet like Victoria Wizell Gallhager, Wendi Friesen, Goddess Marquesa. In some moments you think it is real, and it gives a lot of satisfaction (It is not only BDSM i like just the vanilla ones)

    I like the tought of love as an artwork, like Karezza, the art of love. As I like (revolutionary latin-american) poetry I regard my genitalia as a pen. So I need a woman like paper, sensitive, deep and witty. Sadly most of todays women are Sand Women. You cannot draw anything with them. As soon as you write in the sand, the next wave comes and spoils it.

    I hope I can find a girl before maya calendar runs out.

    This one I am very curious to know:
    Are/were your fathers successful in women, too?

    * Even most women at a counter somewhere, I mean not only women I want. I anyhow nearly never want woman on the street, I dont stare etc. Do you know that feeling of beeing looked at like a molester?

  22. We shall see the bright side. There are some (seldom) sympathic and very empathic girls who recognize you are Omega and desperate and send you love in a subtle way. I was at the dentist´s and his female assistent supported her arm on my chest in a very warm manner. It made my day, you have to learn to estimate that and keep you eyes open for such signs.

    You have to believe in human´s good nature. In such situations when they send you love, those girls don´t regard you as a man and herselves as women (like other women who are caught in that “game” always do)

    No, they regard you primarly as a human in despair. Everyone has to look at me just a second and it is obvious that I am on the shadow side. Surely, they cannot immediately sleep with you as society forbids. But those gems of women even would do that if they could! (Of course I would never abuse that)

    In my experience it often are the kind of girls which are not affected. They are girls without false pride and without too much makeup or highheels. They got self-confidence but in a non-arrogant way. Somehow they are very innocent maybe a bit naive, too. A bit like girls from the country, naturally practical-thinking but not dumb. The ones I know are not very tall, and not very thin, but not fat at all (not even chubby) Difficult to explain. A bit like children are proportioned. They are not gorgeous, but handsome.

  23. 1. Starve women of the oxygen of attention
    2. When considering dating a woman, ask her questions to determine if she is a feminist, and test her by asking her to do things for you. Even simple stuff, like ask her (politely) to email you. If she won’t, or raises a fuss, dump immediately.
    4. Focus your mind on some other project. Being single and thinking about women constantly is a road to misery.
    5. Drop the whole concept of ‘male virgin’. It has no real existence, its just a meaningless mental concept. I mean, sex physically changes a woman, it doesn’t leave any change upon a man. Just having your penis physically inside a woman’s vagina for a short period of time does NOT change you. However, being ignored or denied dates from women is a different matter.
    6. Spread the word to other men anyway you possibly can. Plug these ideas into other places that men are hanging out, both in the real world and online.
    7. If you have any bi thoughts or inclinations, why not consider seeking some kind of emotional and/or physical/sexual connection with other guys who feel the same way.

  24. 1. Starve women of the oxygen of attention
    2. When considering dating a woman, ask her questions to determine if she is a feminist, and test her by asking her to do things for you. Even simple stuff, like ask her (politely) to email you. If she won’t, or raises a fuss, dump immediately.
    4. Focus your mind on some other project. Being single and thinking about women constantly is a road to misery.
    5. Drop the whole concept of ‘male virgin’. It has no real existence, its just a meaningless mental concept. I mean, sex physically changes a woman, it doesn’t leave any change upon a man. Just having your penis physically inside a woman’s vagina for a short period of time does NOT change you. However, being ignored or denied dates from women is a different matter.
    6. Spread the word to other men anyway you possibly can. Plug these ideas into other places that men are hanging out, both in the real world and online.
    7. If you have any bi thoughts or inclinations, why not consider seeking some kind of emotional and/or physical/sexual connection with other guys who feel the same way.

  25. First of all, let me say that all of you(in particular, the author of this blog) really are observing a real phenomenon in the high level, systemic effects of runaway sexual selection(and the more or less predictable evolutionary consequences).

    But, at the same time, the prevailing layman interpretation of this dynamic is deeply flawed.

    So, I feel the best way to increase knowledge of this phenomenon is to redress much of the misinformation being circulated on various topical blogs.

    Firstly, we should all appeciate that females are the reproductively limiting sex(rate limiting in reproductive success) – which manifests in *all* dimensions of mate choice(in other words, females are more selective in all their mating

    One obvious implication of this, is that, given sufficient latitude of female choice(ie. relieved of economic constraint, which would otherwise mediate their choices), female sexual choices will always tend towards small male breeding populations.

    In more colloquial terms, what this means is that male/female ‘leagues’ are asymmetrical – with male ‘rank’ being bottom heavy in distribution, while female ‘rank’ being top heavy.

    If we take the (justified) assumption that guys are more inclusive in their mating choices, and consider a higher male optimal mating rate, we also come to an inescapable conclusion: that not only should the most attractive males mate with the most attractive females(duh), but also a significant proportion of average females as well(given the higher male mating rate).

    Which, of course, renders less available ‘average’ females to be mated with average guys – necessitating an imbalance that progresses down the attractiveness scale(rendering a sexually asymmetric mating dynamic).

    This is why it is so easy to observe that even relatively unattractive females are still much more successful than unattractive males at disassortative mating(ie. such as with fat women being able to commonly mate with non-fat men, etc).

    Next, know that females consider only two quantities of selective value in their mate choices: genetic benefits(physical attractiveness – optimized in high-rate short-term mating), and direct benefits(optimized in long term mating).

    Thus, long-term relationships(ie. long term mating), and short term relationships are each just one of two time-variant fitness strategies.

    Women have evolved to value long-term relationships because this implies direct-benefits(long term benefits with implications for paternal investment as the basis of selective value in long-term mating).

    But, they have also evolved to value short term relationships as this implies genetic benefits(genetic quality indicated in sensory biases fixed by evolutionary success, and subjectively assessed as physical attractiveness).

    Since these two forms of benefits are rooted in evolutionary stratetegies with conflicting optima, females have evolved a further strategy to minimize the tradeoff in receiving one benefit at the cost of another – something we know as strategic pluralism: where females are mate specific in receiving independent benefits(they mate with the player for his genetic benefits, and manipulate the largely unrequited nice guy for his direct benefits – exploited material wealth).

    It is important to stress that, from the perspective of the ‘nice guy’, any female who neglects to mate with him within a reasonable interval(or at reasonably frequent intervals), can justifiably be deemed a risk for ‘strategic pluralism’.

    Females(unlike males), do not enter into long term relationships(inclusive of marriage) for sex.

    And because of the economically prosperous, systemically mediated welfare state dynamic that prevails in developed world populations, economic pressures no longer mediate their mate choices to the extant they did in the past.

    One consequence of this is that erotic capital(physical attractiveness) has supplanted other forms in the stratification of male status with respect to mate availability.

    So, being a high status male(with respect to mating) now says less about material wealth, than about physical beauty.

    All things being equal, females will still preferentially mate with males who provide the highest measures of direct/genetic benefits available to them.

    But, since things are rarely equal(for reasons I will expand upon below), gender-biased legislation combined with female hyper-selectivity makes it all but certain that most females will opt for a bait and switch style of marriage(with minimal
    sexual concessions).

    Marriage has thus become a ‘sucker’s bet’ for the very males who are most likely to pursue it, and thus a relatively inferior mating strategy.

    Many of you have observed a palpable female tendency to preferentially mate with abusive, and promiscuous male delinquents.

    This tendency is real because it has been biased by evolutionary success(and is thus adaptive in the near evolutionary frame)

    Let me explain.

    The strategic optima of genetic benefits(indicated in physical attractiveness) is short-term mating, and thus anything that expedites short-term mating traffic(netting males higher fitness gains, and thus an evolutionary advantage) is likewise advantageous.

    It then follows that genetically attractive males should evolve strategies that expedite this kind of traffic(frequently indicated in abuse, delinquency, and promiscuity), as documented in the study: “Good genes, mating effort, and delinquency”
    (Martin L. Lalumièrea and Vernon L. Quinseyb
    a Forensic Program, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 250
    College Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5T 1R8;b Department of Psychology,
    Queen’s University at Kingston, Humphrey Hall, Kingston, Ontario,
    Canada, K7L 3N6.)

    Thus, evolutionary success will tend to correlate male physical attractiveness with abusive, delinquent, and promiscuous tendencies(and will limit deviations accordingly).

    So, when we observe that females privilege such males, it is not that females find these traits attractive per se, but rather that they are selecting for certain desirable traits that have become correlated with negative ones – this is their dilemma.

    In fact, females will be under evolutionary pressure to accomodate such males, as male offspring will tend to share the same inherent advantages as their fathers, resulting in high-fitness male offspring for the mothers(and thus a likewise evolutionary advantage).

    Females who tend to reject such males will be at a relative disadvantage(producing less prolific offspring), and thus evolution will tend to limit the frequency of such females over time to the point of rarity.

    To summarize, there are evolutionary reasons why female choices tend in the opposite direction from ‘nice guys'(females who privilege ‘nice guys’ – by the conventional meaning of the term – incur an evolutionary disadvantage for the increased prospect of breeding fitness-handicapped sons – thus evolution will limit the frequency of such outcomes accordingly).

    • It’s true that _on paper_ you can say that females privileging nice guys give rise to “fitness-handicapped sons”.
      However, nobody can read the future – a meathead with impulse control problems may get himself killed goading a smart man who has a gun.

      And really, what these women who refuse to be with nice guys are doing …
      is making the nice guys more aware that to be without such women is not a state to be worried about.

      The more most women are not going to want to be with most men,
      The more the most men (who are not wanted, incidentally), are going to learn not to want those most women.
      So the prettier ones are going to clean up … from these same men who are going to hold back from committing too much.
      It’s not a stretch to say that maybe, with that kind of strategy of dissing the nice guys,
      the ugly women end up being the stupid women too.

      • Absolutely, but on average the ‘meathead’ demographic will outbreed the niceguy demographic(which is all that counts in evolutionary terms).

        However, my followup post(the solution) makes it clear that these prevailing dynamics are unsustainable.

        The resolution is still many generations in the future, but one can take comfort that it will happen(if not in one’s lifetime).

        These things can’t be rushed, unfortunately.

      • Not to be argumentative, but every facet of human behavior and interaction(including social and ideological phenomenon) follow from chance and opportunity outcomes culled from the evolutionary process(not the other way around).

        Also, the whole ‘alpha-beta-gamma-sigma-omega’ concept is specious when applied to status interactions within prevailing human societies.

        This is because, in large organized populations(as opposed to small ‘troops’), network reciprocity marginalizes the influence of dominant males through the net ‘inclusive fitness’ contributions of status inferiors.

        In small ‘in-groups'(ie. typical of early hominid ‘troops’), there is a strong quid-pro-quo dynamic that facilitates status concessions in favor of a dominant male(as the success/prosperity of the group is more strongly weighted for individual competencies).

        In large co-operative populations, the contributions of any single male becomes increasingly marginal(as do the status concessions in terms of the limiting resource in ecologically prosperous male populations – sex).

        Hence the contemporary fixation on mating status in stratifying male ‘rank'(a sense which ignores the broader ethological context which formed the basis of the ‘alpha’ convention).

        The point is that male dominance in small vs. large (co-operative)populations entails subtle, but material differences(ie. density dependence), that no longer describe human status interactions in large, cooperative populations.

        So, the whole ‘Alpha-male’ concept is largely BS(spurious self-promotion and reputation management spun by well-laid males, with nothing else to recommend themselves)when applied to contemporary status interactions.

        This is trivial to observe in an abudence of antisocial delinquent weaklings who can score hot pussy with ease, without a shred of independent credibility.

        I really wish unmated males would stop buying into this whole ‘Alpha-male’ fiction, already(which only serves to handicap their reputations while empowering those of their rivals).

        • It seems you didn’t read my acticle because most of it agree with what you just wrote. The distinction between alpha, beta, etc. has to do with male hierarchy, not contribution or success with women. These categories also ultimately reflect different mating strategies whose success depends on the environment. If you read my acticle, you will see that I am not at all coming from the nonsensical PUA “alpha” perspective.

      • I would like to acknowledge your different take on the status conventions(where you speak to a shift in status dynamics), but I’m not sure these highly equivocal terms(given their dynamic context dependence), isn’t more confusing than helpful to most.

        I would also like to assert that women aren’t that different than men with respect to their short-term mating criteria, in that their choices are strongly weighted by physical characteristics(ie. physical attractiveness).

        Despite what many would have us believe, mere words and body-language(or other absurd contrivances) are rarely the determinate factor(when removed from other variables).

        Females aren’t any more susceptible to cryptic seduction techniques, than are males.

        Like I explained in an earlier post(with supporting references), females are not attracted to certain rogue behaviors(delinquency, immorality, or what have you) per se, but rather it is a case that these behaviors have become correlated with male physical attractiveness – which is the *real* variable we are often observing(except in cases where material resources becomes a deciding factor, like in prostitution).

        It is also important to appreciate that what females deem as physically attractive, and what males ‘suppose’, are often disparate quantities(even though there is plenty of instructive data out there to reconcile the two).

        • To be fair, I think our only real point of contention lies in what these ‘seduction’ skills/competencies represent(in evolutionary terms).

          There are reasons why physical traits are an obvious confounder of ‘seduction’ competencies(ie. because relative deviations in physical traits can reliably signal developmental incompetence, from which sensory biases become fixed by evolutionary success).

          In order to advance a similar argument(unified in a broad evolutionary synthesis) for vague(independent) seduction competencies, you would have to show their basis in evolutionary success beyond a circular argument(ie. how did female bias for these seduction systems *evolve* – what advantages did they confer *before* they became correlated with male reproductive success).

          Until you can show this, you are leaning on naive premises.

          But, it some ways it is a trivial disagreement considering that we are both alluding to a(in your case, indeterminate) form of genetic benefits.

    • @Paragon,

      “It then follows that genetically attractive males should evolve strategies that expedite this kind of traffic(frequently indicated in abuse, delinquency, and promiscuity), as documented in the study: “Good genes, mating effort, and delinquency”

      Evidence suggests the opposite pattern:
      1) You would have to prove that there is a direct association between physical attractiveness and good genes, which is not entirely clear:
      The polyandric pattern that we see today in humans, which women mate with a minority of males could have the most marked effect in reducing the number of deleterious mutations in the next generation. When environmental mutagenesis falls, the number of eligible males would increase and a species would change from a polygamous to a monogamous pattern of mating. Therefore if sexual attraction is a force which counteracts genomic degradation this result would imply that women should not be attracted by good genes, but by a lack of bad genes. Humans should choose mates in a way that maximizes their reproductive success. But what exactly is the optimal choice? Most empirical research is based on the assumption that individuals seek a mate of the highest possible quality (in terms of the genes or resources that can provide), and hence show directional preferences for indicators of mate quality. This would imply that attractiveness and quality should be highly correlated. But surprisingly there are not a linear relationship between beauty or its components and genetic fitness, and there are not particular greater mate qualities of those who are highly attractive. Empirical research show that whereas unattractive faces can signal poor genetic fitness, on this account, those who avoid mates with extremely unattractive faces would have increased their reproductive success over those who did not. In the extreme case of genetic anomalies, such as Down’s syndrome, it is obvious that unattractive faces signal low health and intelligence. However, faces that are above average in attractiveness are no more ‘‘fit’’ than those in the middle of the attractiveness.
      Specifically, some mathematical models have shown that the preferred male must provide genes that increase the survivorship or mating success of the offspring as compared to the genes provided by less desirable males. And empirical research on lek mating systems, as well as other non resource-based mating systems has confirmed the association between mate preference and increased offspring viability, although the fitness effects appear small at only a few percent. Beauty provided valid cues to intelligence and/or health for faces in the lower but not the upper halves of the distributions of these facial qualities. Thus, low attractiveness (low averageness, low symmetry, or low sexual dimorphism) signal low fitness, as indexed by intelligence or health. On the other hand, high attractiveness does not signal any higher levels of fitness than does moderate levels of these attribute. Then mate preferences for attractive faces could not have enhanced reproductive success via choice mates in the top half of the beauty distribution. So maybe humans not only correctly utilize these cues when they are valid, but they also overgeneralize, utilizing these cues in the upper half of the distribution, where they are not valid. Therefore beauty preferences appear to have evolved under the influence of both the good genes and the runaway selection mechanisms.
      2) You would have to prove that physical attractiveness is correlated with delinquency and criminal behavior, which is refuted by several studies:

  26. The ‘Solution’:

    The problem(selection runaway in female sexual choice) will always follow too much ecological prosperity(which implies a relaxation of precedant ecological pressures).

    When a population is too prosperous, a strategic morph known as a ‘selfish replicator’ can exploit a favorable evolutionary niche to outbreed all others when that prosperity becomes sufficiently distributed throughout the population.

    And because selfish morphs incur the least liability(they take far more than they contribute), they are able to out produce(outbreed) all others, gaining an evolutionary advantage.

    So, over generations, selfish replicators become dominant in a population(this is what is happening in all developed world populations as we speak).

    As selfish replicators become increasingly dominant, populations become less cooperative/efficient, and the male breeding population shrinks dramatically as female sexual choice focuses on an increasingly small pool of ‘choice’ males(relaxed ecological pressures marginalize the paternal investment advantages in offspring success that would otherwise hold female sexual selectivity in check by favoring larger, more inclusive male breeding populations).

    A tendency to smaller male breeding populations in turn begins to pose evolutionary problems in the form of large population replacement(incurring fertility losses through the overhead of increased female selectivity, and the time and energy costs that this entails) and inbreeding depression-type effects, which must ultimately reduce population viability(as deleterious recessives tend to combine at greater frequencies).

    Eventually, this dynamic becomes unsustainable, as the population becomes evolutionarily unstable(indicated in tendencies to sub-replacement fertility – another symptom observed of developed world populations).

    Thus, unperturbed female sexual choice can be the most pernicious agency acting upon the stability of density dependent human systems.

    And, since the ‘problem’ I am describing is a systemic one, entangled in the most base and competitive of evolutionary concerns(which mediate all human rationality), there can be no common solution – these problems must resolve systemically, over evolutionary time(where we should expect that the same invariant evolutionary forces that acted upon small populations in the past – tending to constrain female choice – will likewise hold, and reassert themselves in the future).

    • Of course, the man she wants, even if he is seeing other women,
      is the man she “loves”.
      And being with the man she doesn’t love,
      even if he always has her in his heart, is “oppression”.
      Women should get what they want, simmer in it for a bit, and see if they like it.
      Withdrawal of male resources and investment is a viable strategy.

  27. I would like to reiterate that the problems being discussed here must resolve emergently, and there is nothing anyone(or any group) can do to affect a spontaneous solution(which seems to be a common assumption regarding the proposals being submitted) to what is an evolutionary problem.

  28. I would also like to address cases where, even in the absense of overt signalling defects(deviations in billateral symmetry, indications of developmental/immuno incompetence, etc.), females will tend to favor a dominant subset within a population – this is the principle of Koinophilia in effect(which is useful to think of as a selection pressure mediated by mutation-selection balance, bounding deviation from average, where increased deviation implies increased mutational loads tending to deleterious polymorphisms – but with some allowance for directional selection).

    Exacerbating this whole dynamic, is mass-media communication, which
    skews female perceptions of male ‘normal’.

    How this manifests, is that even if a guy is not otherwise fundamentally unattractive, if females have not been socialized to consider him as ‘mate material’, he will be at a disadvantage compared with members of the dominant subset(ie. ostensibly those who deviate less from male ‘normal’ – with exceptions made for media ‘weighting’ effects).

    In such cases, it is recommended that disadvantaged males seek out females from disparate populations, where they can find attractive ‘outgroup-seeker’ females who have not been exposed to the same socializing pressures.

    I have seen this work spectacularly, and to profound effect, with males who could only score with mediocre females in their indigenous populations, but were able to score beauties with relative ease in distant outgroup populations(ie. they went international – with mainly Asian, or latin American women who had not been sensitized to the same relative/trivial distinctions that had relegated these males to inferior pickings at home).

    • Context is everything. And guys need to defeat their ego.

      From my perspective, you can go into a rock’n’roll club and get a hot chick at least 10 times easier than in a “fancy” club.

      Yet guys keep going and trying to get laid in the “fancy” club where the girls are dressed like pornstars. And i’m like “dude, it’s all ago”.

      There’s a woman who looks JUST LIKE THAT over at the other club, and she’s 10x easier to pickup, she’s just not dressed like a pornstar (they’re still dressed hot, but different context).

      But nooo, he’ll spend 10 years trying pua techniques on the gold-digger chicks and the complain all women are all gold-digger chicks lol.

    • I would also like to elaborate, that what this translates to in layman terms, is that if you don’t resemble(in both manner and appearance) the male cohort that monopolizes a particular female’s social consciousness(in particular, the kinds of males paired with her female peers, or the kinds of males she sees positively depicted in the popular media), you will be at a severe disadvantage(because a girl tends to want the kinds of guys she observes other girls wanting – which is why women tend to preferentially mate with a small population of males, ironically selecting for promiscuous males).

      Consider also the popular media’s role in skewing female perceptions of normal – for example, as males of African ancestry have come to dominate areas of popular media culture, so to has their sexual market value risen in the estimation of (particularly Caucasion) females.

      This is why I recommend experimenting with distant populations predominated by other cline variants(racial groupings), where females do not share the same frame of reference as in developed world populations(and thus, the forces of balancing selection provide opportunistic niches in the form of outgroup-seeking females).

      • Understand that the more you have to spend on a woman to keep her interest: the less you’ll have to get started with a family when you do have a woman interested in you.
        In short: A woman genuinely interested in you … WILL NOT BE A BURDEN TO YOU.
        To say that women of other races will treat you well – that is only true for the situation where you can easily leave the country. Do you think Westernised Asian females are any better? There is a reason why Japan, Singapore and South Korea are having falling birth rates; I’ve heard the women there are really quite manipulative and hard to get along with men of their own ethnicity.
        I can also tell you that a woman who says she needs to be physically fulfilled to consider a relationship – probably has had more pricks than a cactus farmer – because you don’t miss what you never had previously.

        • Yes, the obvious implication was in leaving the country.

          But I will say that certain less economically developed Asian countries tend to be less tolerant of female promiscuity(excluding special cases of prostitution, etc.).

          Also consider this study:

          “An evolutionary perspective on physical attractiveness suggests that individuals find those characteristics associated with reproductive success attractive. Theory and existing data consistent with this view link perceptions of physical attractiveness to traits such as symmetry, status, and reproductive value. Here, we take this evolutionary perspective global to ask how do Chinese men and women rate the sexual beauty of East Asian compared with Caucasian models? We enlisted 74 Chinese men and women from Hohhot, a northern city, and Chengdu, a southern city, to rank photos of both Chinese and Caucasian male and female models obtained from Chinese magazines. We also elicited emic accounts for the ratings as complementary source of qualitative data. Results revealed that Chinese women ranked Caucasian male and female models as more attractive. Chinese men, however, did not differentially rank East Asian and Caucasian women, though they did rank Caucasian men as being more attractive. We suggest that, while an evolutionary novelty, a process of globalization can still be linked to potentially adaptive preferences for physical attractiveness, and call for more research in this vein.”

          Not such great news for Asian dudes, but much better for White guys.

        • Let the fiddle-playing commence; Asian women are past masters at manipulating men. After all, this is the same continent where people are aware of the “casting couch”, yet where actresses like to say they never do anything they don’t want to.

        • Well, male-manipulation is an optimal strategy of females, given they lack male aptitudes – that’s just an inexorable necessity of the female sex.

          Nevertheless, there is a growing trend when Caucasion males are finding Asian females to be far more agreeable company than their single-demographic Caucasion counterparts – typified in obese single mothers who are vulgar(in speech dress and manners), diseased, wanton, hostile, defensive, and deluded to the point of absurdity.

        • I was speaking primarily of the Philippines – where I have found that the women have a justified reputation of being humble, generous, responsible, non-materialistic(though practical), and valuing monogamy and marriage as a romantic ideal.

  29. Correlation does not imply causation.

    The parsimonious interpretation is that ‘confidence’ is a dependent variable, adapted from justified expectations(with a basis in some history of prior outcomes).

    In other words: confidence is the subjective consequence of an
    ‘expected value’ – derived of an obligate heuristic motif.

    It doesn’t just spontaneously organize within an empirical vacuum, and thus cannot be trivially acquired outside a context of ‘experience’.

    So, what gamers(and their apologists) are truly observing(but not intelligent enough to infer), is not that women are attracted to ‘confidence’ per se(as an independent variable).

    But, rather that the men who tend to be successful with women in the first place(for whatever reason), also have a high confidence(justified expectation) of future(continued) success.


    Am intersting article I came across. It seems men anre the once who do not grow up accroding to this article. While I beleieve it is both men and women who have an equal part in sociely they never addres the risque behavior of women. It seems to me that women should be held just as much accountable as men for not growing up. It appears only the males are picked out in this article.

    • A reply to all that manning up(usually meaning taking as a wife, a woman who chose bad life decisions like developing a drug/alcohol habit, multiple sex partners and cheating, some abortions here and there, used sex to get ahead and lies about her abilities/qualifications) nonsense:
      Where Have The Good Women Gone?

      The Wall Street Journal says men aren’t marriage material. Well, guess what? We don’t think women are either.

      By Ian Lang,
      Page 1: Where Have The Good Women Gone?

      Why Men Don’t Want A Modern Woman
      At AskMen, we strive to be experts on all topics of concern to men. But sometimes expertise is no substitute for experience, which is when we turn to our readers. Do you have advice to help your fellow men become better men? Do you have unique knowledge or perspective that we should share with our 15 million monthly readers? Send us an email at, and we may do just that.

      This week’s user submission is from Ian Lang, author of the ShitJayCutlerSays blog.

      In her Wall Street Journal article “Where Have the Good Men Gone,” Kay S. Hymowitz bemoans the “pre-adulthood” state of modern men in their 20s, characterizing them as aging frat boys who seek to indefinitely extend the college drinking and hookup culture. She attributes our reluctance to grow up to the uncertainty of men’s position in society brought on by (what else?) the rise in female socioeconomic status. According to Hymowitz, we’re spending our time playing video games and jamming with our band mates rather than buying houses and getting married, because with all of these driven, successful women around, we don’t have the incentive to be the providers society once groomed us to be. We responded to this hate-mongering and defended a man’s choice not to get married. What’s more, as a man who loosely meets her definition of a “pre-adult,” I have a question of my own: Where the hell have all the good women gone?
      Finding a good woman
      Gentlemen, once you’ve graduated from college and are well into your 20s, I encourage you to hit the singles scene and try to find a woman your age who can cook, manage her personal finances and has both the know-how and motivation to properly maintain a household. You’ll have better luck (and probably more fun) searching for nickels on a busy interstate. Now, before any female readers shout “misogynist,” think for a moment — the standard I’m imposing is no more sexist than the one being mourned by Hymowitz. Women, for all of their successes and achievements in the last 40 years, still want a man who’s ambitious, driven and capable of taking charge of his life and his relationships, because that’s what women have looked for in a man since the dawn of time. Well, guess what? What we look for in a woman hasn’t changed a whole lot either. We want someone who can support us emotionally, be a mother to our children and can keep the cave tidy while we’re out hunting woolly mammoths. Spending my free time drinking and playing Wii isn’t going to make me president any sooner than being chained to a desk 80 hours a week is going to allot you the necessary time to help our kids learn how to read.
      Traditional gender roles don’t apply
      The point is, we’re both doing the same thing. We’re taking advantage of the system to do things that our genders were unable to do before. The move towards a knowledge-based economy has affected both sexes equally, though in different ways. Our $60k+ diplomas give us a relatively high degree of clout, and as young professionals, we often find ourselves living in relative affluence far younger than our parents did.

      Discover why men don’t need women…

      Page 2: Men And Modern Women

      Whereas men once worked their lives away in factories with little to show for it, we now have the means (both in terms of money and time) to pursue our dreams and hobbies. We’ve learned how to feed ourselves, dress nicely and are taking the time to catch up on the childish things that being a successful student just didn’t allow for. Modern men in their 20s are finally free to define themselves through their interests and pursuits rather than through their jobs — or their marriages. Our fathers did not have the same luxury. For women, it’s an entirely different story. Going out and starting a demanding, high-paying career is the new luxury. The same way men are no longer stuck making car parts for pennies an hour, women are no longer relegated to the kitchen or, at best, the typing pool. Modern young women are quick to define themselves through their careers because they were defined by the tastiness of their pound cake recipes for so long.
      Have another beer
      Hymowitz ends her essay with the following: [referring to young men] “Why should they grow up? No one needs them anyway. There’s nothing they have to do. They might as well just have another beer.”

      I will, thanks.

      Look at it this way: If our lifestyles seem self-indulgent or selfish, so do women’s. If women want to define “growing up” for men as moving on to the next milestone in life and starting a family, we’re going to go ahead and define “growing up” for women as actually taking the time to learn some life skills that complement, rather than just multiply, our own and lend themselves to being part of a well-rounded rounded family unit. By that standard, women aren’t “growing up” any quicker than we are. Before women lament the lack of “good” men, they should consider that maybe the “good” ones don’t want them any more than they want the guy who spends his time screaming into an Xbox headset. Why should a man with his life together sacrifice his freedom for hard-driving women who seem so unwilling to sacrifice their materialistic demands? These women are enabling the very lifestyle among men that they decry.
      Separate but equal
      So, successful women of the world, go ahead and stay an hour later at the office. Drop off that grad school application on your way to the 24-hour gym. Why shouldn’t you? You have nothing else you need to worry about — no boyfriend or a social life. We don’t want you anyway.

  31. The trash who say the you can’t get laid crap are usually scumbags willing to sell away there own dignity, self respect for sex because this is all they have to prove there masculinity.

    What needs to happen is more open ridicule of these type of idiots especially by virgin males with dignity and self respect.

  32. The spread of sex dolls and sex robots will make NSA sex outdated once the adoption of them goes from the current niche to mainstream (which mainly depends on the uncanny valley). A sex doll/robot won’t take half of your stuff, won’t falsely accuse you of rape, won’t cheat, won’t get STDs etc.

    Artificial reproduction is being developed, too. Sure, both technologies below are in their infancy and only tested on animals, but we’re getting there:
    – Artificial eggs:
    – Artificial wombs:

    Women will soon be obsolete and practically useless.

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