The Feminist Time Machine: The Just World Fallacy Across All Of Time

There’s a fallacy called The Just World Fallacy where it is believed that “human actions eventually yield morally fair and fitting consequences, so that, ultimately, noble actions are duly rewarded and evil actions are duly punished”.  This is a common fallacy in dating advice because dating advice fails pretty easily.  Rather than admit that their advice was a failure, purveyors of dating advice will attack the men who tried to use their dating advice.  The attacks on these men will include everything from accusations of “entitlement” to “misogyny”.  The idea is that the dating advice wasn’t wrong or a scam, but the men using it were so odious to women that the men deserved to be rejected by women.  Why this is a logical fallacy is obvious.  Just because a woman rejects a man doesn’t mean that he’s defective, guilty of “entitlement”, or guilty of “misogyny”.  Saying that men who get rejected by women must have something wrong with them is like saying homeless people are homeless because something is defective about them.  Both concepts are wrong.

The Just World Fallacy can only go so far in defending dating advice from men discovering it’s a scam.  Even if a man actually is “entitled” or a “misogynist” now (even though that’s unlikely), that wasn’t the case most of the time he was rejected by women.  Even if said man accepts the Just World Fallacy as true with respect to dating advice, the problem is that man will realize that he still got rejected when he shouldn’t have.  This creates a problem for the purveyors of dating advice so they will end up invoking the Feminist Time machine.

What happens with the feminist time machine is that a man who realizes that according to the Just World Fallacy should have not been rejected by women in the past will be accused of being “entitled” and/or a “misogynist” in the past even though he didn’t realize it.  The feminist time machine says that women could practically see into the future to know that a man would be an “entitled misogynist” in the future so women preemptively rejected him and were right to do so.  (This is similar to the plot of the short story and movie, Minority Report.)  This turns the Just World Fallacy into the Just All of Space and Time Fallacy.

The problem with the feminist time machine is that it is a paradox.  The only way it can be made to make sense is if women were intentionally trying to turn a man into a misogynist.  Since that is absurd, the feminist time machine is also absurd, but despite being a fallacy it will be used to attack men whose only crime is being unlucky with women.

11 comments on “The Feminist Time Machine: The Just World Fallacy Across All Of Time

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  2. Mr.Nerdlover whatever his name is seems to fall into this. He (like many feminists) seem to attribute psychic powers to women in that they can “sniff out” immediately your motivations, thoughts, PIN number, bank balance in an instant. Thus, any “Nice Guy” action is really just creepyvirginrapist actions by a vile, evil manipulator unless it is totally selfless and has no expectations, hell, if it even has any desire for acknowledgment.

    For Dr.Nerdlinger, unless your actions are 100% selfless, you take no credit for them, have no expectation of reciprocity, and deny any reward for the action, you are a creepyvirginrapistNICEGUY and deserving of only scorn, ridicule, even death.

    • Yep, that’s the giveaway. These women aren’t rejecting men after a two hour interview and a battery of psychometric tests. In most cases these women go from 0 to psychotic before a guy can even open his mouth, ergo unless they have ESP or the guy is wearing a particularly ‘entitled’ shirt, they can’t hardly be responding to anything he actually does.

  3. I am not sure that, “women were intentionally trying to turn a man into a misogynist” is absurd…

    Sorry, sounds consipiracy like – but dang – I swear – there are many women out there who want to be hated…

    It seems like they do whatever it takes to get under their skin…

    Also, this essay ties in closely with a theory that I have…

    Women’s intuition is a load of crap

  4. Women want the ability to associate with a man for favours, without the need to reciprocate … UNLESS the man is attractive to THEM.
    Basically they want the men they aren’t attracted to, to provide (transferable) resources that allow them to build a relationship with the man they ARE attracted to …
    without social penalty.

    It’s called feminism.

    Feminism has had only 2 real goals:
    1. To give women license to freely have sex and determine what/which men are attractive for the present time so that
    2. The women of step 1 have a cohort of sex-starved men to fall back on when they can no longer hold on to the guy they’re interested in – to complement this strategy, they make it difficult for the older men to have relationships with younger women.

  5. This was an interesting statement left on Roissy/Chateau Heartiste’s site:

    “There is no “war on women.” There’s a war on MEN.

    The so-called “war on women” exists because it is the nature of woman to portray herself as the victim at the very moment when she is in fact the aggressor.”

    • > There’s a war on MEN.

      We will hunt you [men and fathers] down and make you pay!
      – Pimp-Daddy-In-Chief Bill Clinton

      It’s not just a declared war by the state, for which Rick Insanitorum and Kasich have taken credit for (they too helped engineer and secure passage of the bill which elicted the remark) recently, it’s criminal. [Ref.: LA Times, 28 February, 1995.]

      “The joyful annihilation of the western male that has already eviscerated our nation has nothing to do with the intentional degradation, disenfranchisement, criminalization, and iniquity heaped on boys and men the past hundred years.

      No, it’s all traceable back to the powerful spiritual truth that men are being stomped on by the Schools, by the State, by the Churches, by the Media, by the Police, by the liar Lawyers, by the swindler Bankers, by corrupt Politicians, and everybody else, because MALES DESERVE IT as a consequence of their sin of being born male.”
      – another guy named Ray

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  7. “Just worlds” thinking is a textbook example of legalistic thinking, known more generally some fifty years ago as cop-out thinking.

    Cop out thinking and legalistic thinking are particularly common in personal sexual ethics.

    Legalistic thinking is thinking at the level of an 8 or 10 year old. Why? Because that’s the age at which kids learn how to pick and choose and twist the rules, typically of the parent(s) at that age, to their advantage, to get what they want. This is the age at which kids learn that life is a lot about jumping through hoops, all sorts of arbitrary and senseless and just made-up rules that are already there that no one can really explain adequately.

    The fundamental problem is that there is no longer any established set of steps a guy can reliably follow to get laid with a guarantee of not getting into heap big trouble in the process. In fact, the entire business seems to have been jacked into a big bait-and-switch racket: the women hook `em in, and then she turns him in for a bounty some time down the line if she wants.

    As zed put it, normal male sexuality has been problematized, pathologized, criminalized, disappeared, and mind-fucked nearly out of existence. The end result of feminism was necessarily to make men as careful, cautious, and “inhibited” about sex (and women generally) as women traditionally had been. This is a far different world from the hysterical feminist one of raping, abusing, beastly, brute males.

    Short of requiring a woman to produce a signed and notarized sex consent form, a guy basically can’t have safe sex without a lawyer present. -Unless he has nothing to lose, since the risk is proportional. This explains why so many women are stuck with so many losers. Under femi-marxism, women are a punishment for being bad, not a reward for being good.

    If They want to find all the Bad Men in the world, a peculiar obsession for the legalistic thinking crowd, just put GPS tracking devices on women and they’ll take you right to them.

    The vagina-worshipping pimpocracy has made it somewhere between highwire walking on DDT-thinned eggshells and next to impossible for men to get laid simply, efficiently, and inexpensively. Then with their usual lying thieving deceiving feminine ways, they blame men for their inability to get laid. It takes a village, a village of morons and criminals not helping men in the least.

    Of course the swindle behind all dating advice to men is that no one is making women follow the same rules being dished out to men. Women get to live by the Barbie Mantra: Girls can do anything! Men better look out.

    Getting good, decent men laid is nowhere on feminist’s radar screens. It’s not part of their agenda, even as an afterthought. Being marxists, they believe that women should rightly monopolize and completely control, not the means of production, but the means of reproduction (sex). Conservatardians basically hold this same position 99+% of the same, the only exception being when a woman is preggers, which happens rarely in a woman’s life.

    Monopolists and totalitarians will always claim their hegemony is “just”. And they’re always lying cop-outs.

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  9. The feminist time machine is where womyn earn more money than men for having a cunt or posting sexually charged videos for simps, but men have to work hard for the fewer and fewer jobs, while having to live in a bubble caused by the spendthrift lifestyles of feminazis and simps, like the cities of Toronto, Vancouver, NYC and other post-feminist cities.

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