The “Galileo Defense” Fallacy

A common logical fallacy in the so called manosphere is what I have seen called the “Galileo Defense”.  The “Galileo Defense” can be summed up as “I’m being persecuted so I must be right”.  A person who uses the “Galileo Defense” will compare themselves to Galileo.  Since he turned out to be right, they must be right too.  There are two relevant logical fallacies in the “Galileo Defense”.

  1. Galileo was persecuted, but so are cannibals and Nazis.
  2. Often times when a person invokes the “Galileo Defense”, they are lying about being persecuted.  There is DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE that the so called manosphere has lied about being persecuted, so this applies in a big way to them.

There are other problems with the “Galileo Defense” like how Galileo wasn’t persecuted for his ideas as much as for being an asshole to various powerful individuals at the time, but that not is particularly relevant.  What is important is that the so called manosphere’s use of the “Galileo Defense” is wrong because being persecuted doesn’t automatically mean you’re right, and even if it did, the so called manosphere is lying about being persecuted.

The “Galileo Defense” is relevant now because as the great die off of the so called manosphere continues, the groundwork is being laid (either intentionally or unintentionally) for the lie that the manosphere died because of persecution using the “Galileo Defense” .  (This is likely to be the so called manosphere’s last scam.)  There is no persecution of the so called manosphere going on, but that won’t stop them from lying about being persecuted as they did in the pastSome are laying the groundwork to blame being persecuted by the government.  Others will blame persecution by employers (even though this can’t make sense for the reason that no one in the manosphere has consistent employment).  A few will blame persecution by MRAs, MGTOW, and “anti-gamers”.  (I’m sure this will include some conspiracy theory about how MRA’s, MGTOW, and “anti-gamers” are working for the government or the Rockefellers.)  It doesn’t matter which one anyone in the so called manosphere picks, they will be lying about being persecuted invoking the “Galileo Defense” as their ideology goes down in flames.

41 comments on “The “Galileo Defense” Fallacy

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  2. Massive manosphere IRL meet -> massive number of attendees shut their blogs down and disavow themselves from the gamesphere.

    Yep, sounds like shadowy conspiracies at work. Yessirree.

    • The gamesphere is literally frat-boy/Judd Apatow culture come to life. I thought that shit only existed in movies.

      Some red pill, nothing is more quintessentially American than frat-boy culture.

      • Did anyone happen to see the comment at the bottom of that thread?

        Apparently a children cartoon for girls called “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is part of the red pill.

        • Good God I just checked what you were talking about ybm and it gets worse…the site in question takes a cartoon called My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and uses it to make a case for white nationalism. The website is called Nationalist Pony. If you’re attracting people like that how can you not suspect your “red pill” is garbage?

        • “Right now, the only show on the air that agrees white people have a right to exist is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The ponies are distinctly european in culture, aesthetic, sensibility and tradition, and clear racial analogies are shown. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic celebrates whites and white culture without disparaging other peoples and cultures, and this is why I write about it. ”

          Holy shit!

        • Even if one is aware of the Brony phenomenon, a white nationalist gamer Brony is a whole other level.

  3. More succinctly:

    “To wear the mantle of Galileo it is not enough that you be persecuted, you must also be right.” ~ Robert Park

    “They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.” ~ Carl Sagan

    Mentioned here:

    Unfortunately, it’s a favourite quote of people in the skeptic community, which means many people in the Atheism+ community use it, so there’s yer conspiracy-theory link to feminists right there.

    • Carl Sagan is wrong on Columbus. The debate wasn’t about whether the world was flat – not a single person believed the world was flat in Columbus’ time – it was about the distance.

      But you do have a point: atheists et al tend to use this as an excuse.

      I’m still amazed at how many people don’t know the real history about Galileo. Try Kepler.

  4. Twitter gold from Roissy. I think the frequency and overheated delusional irrationality of his tweets recently are a direct response to the increasing decline of the manosphere:

    Another comparison of politics to game, although not as bad as Chuck Ross’s stupid Newt as pickup artist post:

    • 3/4 are absurd. But unfortunately I do agree with him that race polarization is starting to become apparent in the US and it is only going to get worse.

  5. So out of the ashes of the Racism/Game/Conspiracy cult seems to rise two new rebranded factions: the lifestyle blogs and something for the racists now called “The Dark Enlightenment.”

    The good part is so far, neither faction seems particularly interested in pretending to be MRAs or piggybacking on the men’s rights movement, so I guess we don’t have to worry about MRAs being overrun by these guys anymore?

      • Fortunately, fascism is only returning to a tiny subset of the population that imagines elaborate conspiracy theories to avoid doing anything. A real take over like the fascists did in the 30s in several countries requires getting off the couch and doing things. The so called manosphere is allergic to getting off their asses and doing real work.

        • There’s a good reason why you haven’t heard of this blog. The tendency (with a few exceptions) is that every new manosphere blog is more obscure than the previous blog. There is never going to be another Bardamu or Roissy. Mentu (the University of Man blogger who deleted his blog after the DC Roissyite game meetup of doom) was supposed to be the next Bardamu, but as we have seen that didn’t happen.

          This is one of the reasons why the manosphere is dying.

        • Honestly, I think the manosphere is pretty much dead, or at least in rapid decline. Mra have figured out the internet is a waste of time, and what’s left of the manosphere is essentially just fading back into the alter sphere after the sodini event gave them a bad name in the alt right.

          Cant say I’ll miss them, the are nothing but a monkey on the mras back, hurting their legitimacy. It’s almost at the point where they are too boring to even talk about. I might not have nothing to talk about on here if they disappear.

        • I don’t think the manosphere is dead yet, but it is close to kicking the bucket. The real MRAs have given up, and without the MRAs the so called “manosphere” can’t be legitimately called that since it has nothing specific about men.

          Once the so called manosphere croaks I am going to focus on two things.

          1. Getting rid of any conspiracy theorists that may be left in the MRM (This may not be necessary since the death of the manosphere may take them out.)

          2. A full scale war on dating advice and all of its associated feminism. I might start a new blog for this.

        • Oh bp I totally agree with you hut I actually do know who this gu is he used to write under the pseudonym “the sex nerd” and was a penny-store version of athol Kay (himself being a dollar store dr.Phil)

          If I recall this is his third attempt at self publishing. Fuck if ulillillia can successfully self publish I have no idea how these guys can fail at it.

          Wait yes I do. Uli was at least a novelty as outsider art.

    • Legitimate mras largely don’t care about blogging anymore. I cannot even call myself a legitimate mra as my contribution is donating to groups and mentioning stuff like marriage theft to my friends. Even then I only comment on one blog other than this one.

      Hanging around on two dozen game blogs is totally meaningless for getting actual change started. Thus the roissysphere canard being trumpeted thee days that the mra is dead.

      Nope, it just doesn’t give a shit about blogging and commenting anymore.

  6. I still think the all-time best when it comes to manospherians pretending to be persecuted is this gem of a comment:

    First they came for the conspiracy theorists,but I did not speak out as I was not one.
    Then they came for the paleo diet cult,but I did not speak out because I was not one.
    Then they came for the gamers,but I did not speak out because I was not one.
    When they came for me,there was no one left to speak for me.
    In short, be inclusive rather than exclusive if you need strength in numbers.
    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

  7. The entire history around Galileo is horribly wrong. He wasn’t even persecuted; he was sentenced to house arrest. Neither the Pope nor the Catholic Church doubted heliocentric-ism. Galileo was persecuted because he insulted the Pope. The Pope at that time was a mathematician and was aware of the science at the time. Galileo was a second-rate scientist at best. See here:

    Conspiracy theorists, MRAs, everyone gets everything wrong about Galileo.

    But I commend your efforts for pointing out the inconsistencies and double-speak of MRAs. They recently turned robophiliic.

  8. Thanks for the post. We in large part support the MRAs. We focus our attention here on self-proclaimed “manosphere” residents who have absolutely nothing to do with Men’s Rights/legislative reform. Be careful to draw the distinction between the two. Someon working toward fairness in the court should be commended. A lunatic preaching ‘game’ as the answer to men’s issues is what we are against.

    • Shitter just revealed himself to be a white supremacist in his latest comment. So let’s see, he’s pro-racism and commends MRA-bashing? So far he sounds like just the kind of guy who would probably like Aurini and Forney’s podcast as well.

      • I figured out why, we got linked at Spearhead so I expect a few more comments like those ones in the next week or two.

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