The Most Dangerous Idea In The World: Women Have Agency

While liberals, conservatives, and many other groups have different ideas, one thing they will agree on is that women have no agency.  Here is a sampling of answers you would get if you asked members of various groups if women have agency (and they answered honestly).

Liberals: No, anything bad a woman does is the fault of the patriarchy and sexism.  The world is ruled by misogynistic conservative men, and women have no power.  Anything good that happens to women is the result of “benevolent sexism” which women have no control over.  Women are forced into becoming housewives and mothers they do not want to be.

Conservatives: No, anything bad a woman does is the fault of liberals and feminists tricking them.  Women don’t even have agency when it comes to abortions which are the result of trickery by men.  Women are forced into jobs and careers they do not want.

White (Vagina Worshiping) Nationalists: No, anything bad a woman does is the result of the Jews and minorities tricking them into feminism and multiculturalism.  The Jews have been so successful in tricking women that they can convinced (white) women to act against their own race.  Everything bad a woman does is caused by the Jews so women aren’t responsible for the bad acts they do.

Conspiracy Theorists: No, anything bad a woman does is the result of the Rockefellers, the Jews, and other rich people conspiring to trick women into feminism.  The real enemy is the Rockefellers, the Jews, etc. (and minorities) who are conspiring to depopulate the world so women aren’t responsible for their behavior.

Roissyite Gamers: No, women’s bad acts are the correct biological response to men who have no game.  Women can’t be held responsible for their own biology.

I could list many other groups, but its always the same.  They all believe women have no agency.  In fact the only groups that believe women have agency are MRAs and MGTOW.

Women having agency is the most dangerous idea in the world right now, dangerous to women and manginas at any rate.  If a person has agency, then that person is responsible for their own actions.  If a person doesn’t have agency then that person is not responsible for their actions.  If you want to avoid being held responsible or accountable for your actions, then you need to convince the world that you have no agency.  And that is what women did (except for MRAs and MGTOW).  The idea of women having agency is dangerous because if enough men start believing it, those men will hold women responsible for their actions.  Women will be forced to deal with the same standards of accountability as men.  This would be an outright disaster for women because they would be exposed for the frauds, feral children, and in some cases criminals that they are.

46 comments on “The Most Dangerous Idea In The World: Women Have Agency

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  2. The idea of wymyn taking responsibility would be highly beneficial for all(wymym included), but most of the groveling masses don’t realize it, and likely never will. Ah well, I guess stay tuned for the next government default threat(and the next, and the next)….

    • exactly. lack of agency lies squarely at the feet of a lack of accountability. until women can win AND lose, triumph AND suffer just as much as men without requiring special treatment over it, agency is a long shot. taking responsibility for your own actions AND your own thoughts is a great start.

  3. LOL. I freely admit that women have no agency – but then I don’t think anyone has any agency. I simply don’t make an exception for women. I think humans are basically determined entities.

    Women act the way they do because that’s how human beings respond to the kind of incentive structure women find themselves in – men would act the exact same way. Some of this incentive structure has its roots in biological differences between the sexes – men want sex more, women want relationships more, and some of it is the result of modern culture and feminism.

    Society can evolve to eliminate some of the incentives for current female behavior, but obviously not the ones rooted in biology (I don’t mean Game. That’s obvious idiocy)

    To be fair, liberals also have a generally deterministic view of human nature – they don’t really make an exception for women. They think all social evils are the result of impersonal deterministic forces.

    Would women behave differently if they were held accountable by society? Ironically, to believe that, you have to deny women agency 🙂 In other words you would be saying that impersonal deterministic social forces are what determines female behavior, not their personal agency. So perhaps you too, BP, don’t believe women have agency 🙂

    I think the answer to the above question is yes, women would act differently. So I think the best way to look at the question is through incentive structures, ones that are under our control and ones that are not, and not through moralistic concepts like personal agency.

  4. Yes, women are “responsible for their actions.” But on the level of society, who do you blame for feminism? Women have always been doing this stuff, it goes back to the days of the bible. The difference is that now we have a society that allows them to get away with it. And for that, you have to blame the Khazar Jews, along with international banksters and the masonic order. The Jews are responsible for creating feminism and giving it power over us. Blaming women for feminism is like blaming niggers for the civil rights movement. The Jews were behind the civil rights movement.

  5. …the MRAs who just helplessly beg for justice they’ll never get, and the MGTOWs who’ve had such consistently disastrous results in dealing with women that they completely give up on the whole idea.

    MGTOW’s are not always men who are failures with women, but rather are men who just don’t think relationships are worth the grief. Many of them still have active sex lives, but just don’t want to have long term relationships or marry.

    Many MGTOW I’ve encountered have seemed to have more success with women than most gamer manospherians I’ve seen. Especially given that manospherians are such pussy beggars.

  6. So I think the best way to look at the question is through incentive structures, ones that are under our control and ones that are not, and not through moralistic concepts like personal agency.

    Your whole comment is a bit heavy on the sophistry for my taste but this last sentence especially makes no sense to me. So instead of concepts like agency we should focus on “incentive structures…that our under our control?” Call me crazy, but inventive structures that are under one’s control sounds like a type of agency to me. That’s a totally self-contradicting sentence.

    • Yes, we do have a kind of “meta-agency”, if you will, at least some of the time (although women don’t have it here). For instance, you might know from experience that if you have donuts in your house you will find them irresistible – so in that sense you don’t have personal agency – but you do have the ability to simply not have donuts in your house, i.e change the incentive structure. So instead of trying to hold yourself accountable for lack of self-control, which is not under your control, you recognize you lack self-control and try and reduce or eliminate stimuli. We do have a “type” of agency, as you put it – we just often don’t have personal agency – i.e if collective change is not possible in eliminating certain stimuli we cannot do it alone, – and even when can personally change the incentive structure, we do so out of a recognition that we lack personal agency in situations where that incentive structure obtains.

      What I am trying to say is that it doesn’t make sense to “blame” women, because men would act the same in their shoes – but it does make sense for society to create social sanctions for women if they behave a certain way because that will cause them to change their behavior – ironically confirming that women are incapable of self-correction, i.e don’t have personal agency and only respond to outside forces.

      The difference is we don’t think about it moralistically. We can accept that women don’t have personal agency, are incapable of self-correction, and are not morally accountable, but at the same time that if subject to social sanctions – shame – they will change their behavior in direct response to outside pressure.

      • Women have responsibility, but the present matriarchal laws/culture tell them they aren’t obligated to act responsibly, so I guess it can be argued that the “incentive structures” are skewed in the opposite direction(towards irresponsibility(or feigning a lack of agency, whatever)), though I still think they can make that make the responsible choice(it’s just not many do these days, since they’re not expected to).

        “you recognize you lack self-control and try and reduce or eliminate stimuli”

        Pretty much the basis of any treatment program.

        • Don’t agree, if women require obligation/incentives to treat men as human beings then that removes moral responsibility from them.

        • “Don’t agree, if women require obligation/incentives to treat men as human beings then that removes moral responsibility from them.”

          I was speaking of negative incentive structures(such as divorce laws). I said women can make the responsible choice, though not many do. What, I’m not supposed to mention incentive structures, even the negative misandrist ones that are self-evident in everyday life? If not, then what is the point of this?

        • The point is not just to deal the laws (which is fine and good), but challenge women’s chosen perception of men as utilities. You said that women can act with empathy but do not because of certain external influences, and that sounds very close to an excuse.

        • “You said that women can act with empathy but do not because of certain external influences, and that sounds very close to an excuse.”

          School bullies are said to excel in empathy; obviously that says nothing about their lack of sympathy/quality of character. Likewise, women that are greedy, lacking in sympathy & morals see marriage as a gateway to half of a man’s fortune & future earnings etc via present divorce laws, though they could choose otherwise(if they had a conscience); that’s not an excuse, that’s reality. The women/manginas that make the matriarchal laws are just as responsible as the women that selfishly benefit from those laws & accept it; to deny that is to deny reality & only assign proper blame to some of the principles involved(the women that benefit).

    • Even worse: To both tradcons and progressives, solving a woman’s problem IS its own reward. In that way they are very much like feminism. As a result not only do women believe they owe men nothing when men solve their problems, they actually believe men owe THEM for being given the privilege of solving their problems.

      For example, to a conservative, a man who gives the woman bragging rights of the wedding of her dreams, along with her dream house and kids, in exchange for a sexless marriage and the threat of divorce court for the man…he hasn’t done her a favor or made a sacrifice. No, SHE’S done HIM the favor. She “civilized” him, she’s “made an honest man out of him,” and so on and so on.

      • Conservative marriages are rarely sexless. Nor are the marriages of the Jews, or the Blacks or Mexicans. Only White gentile liberals have sexless marriages. Of course, there are always expectations to these rules, but generally, if you talk to real conservatives(And here, we aren’t talking about “cut medicare” conservatives, we are talking about real conservatives from middle America who support traditional American morality), they won’t report it as a problem. Jews also rarely have this problem, probably because of the inherent sexual dimorphism among the Jewish race. This is in contrast to the stereotype promoted by Jewish-controlled media. Any time a Jewess is being bitchy the Jew will threaten to leave her and because the Jews control the banking system he can always find a White replacement. The Black sex drive is astonishing, and if the woman isn’t in the mood, the man will just rape her.

  7. Who are the powerful people in society?I’ll tel you, it’s the Jews, and its Jewish men, not women. George Soros and Sheldon Addleson are both Jews, Jews make up 2% of the population but a third of the billionaires. About sixty percent of army officers are Jews. Sixty percent of movie directors in Hollywood are Jews. Women are responsible for their actions, but their actions aren’t responsible for feminism. Feminism is a Jewish political movement designed to weaken gentile consciousness and promote miscegenation with the lesser races.

  8. Sure, you can blame women to high heaven but they will just laugh at you. What you can do is change the laws so that they no longer have the ability to do those things. But to change the laws, you have to know who makes the laws. Here are the people who make the laws, in descending order of importance:

    1. The Jews. Jews have been two percent of the American population but they have always made up a hugely disproportionate amount of the elite and feminist ideologues. The Jews are by nature superior in intelligence to any other race, and they always strive to dominate other races. Their strategy is to weaken the native people so they can dominate easily. Feminism serves that purpose because it discourages White birthrates and weakens White self-identity. It also allows them to maximally exploit gentile women, which they do easily using their high verbal intelligence and money.

    2. The gentile 1%. About half of these rich people are Jews but the role of the gentile 1% cannot be ignored. Even if you are “libertarian,” you have to recognize most of the 1% as the enemies they are, they fund feminism.

    3. Blacks and Mexicans. By themselves they are rather harmless because of their low intelligence, but their voting percentages, under the leadership of Jewish brainpower, are a potent force in American politics.

    4. The Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has spent a lot of time fighting feminism, they tell us. In fact, only parts of feminism are actively fought. The Papists have given quiet support to all other parts of the feminist project. Why? They would have you believe that they were on the left ever since the first priests got off the boat, and that they suddenly became rightists after abortion was legalized. That’s not true. They support feminism because it destroys reproductive opportunity for White protestants. Their opposition to abortion is primarily so they can assure dysgenic destruction accelerates. 70 percent of Catholic charities funding comes from the government, that tells you where their loyalties really lie.

    5. Evangelical Christianity. Unlike Catholicism, they have actually oppose important parts of feminism historically, but they have been bought off by the Jews to support mass Jew wars which have killed thousands of Americans. Now, they have been instrumental in ramming through harsh child support laws that have done more to kill the White family and harm men than abortion ever could.

    6. Asians. They tend to be apolitical but recently they have been organized under the rule of the Jews to support feminism. There are two reasons. The first is because they are a naturally submissive race, they submitted to the Commie government in China, and now they submit to the Jews. The second reason is that the Jews control America’s immigration policy and they all want more Asians, so they must go along with whatever the Jews tell them to.

    7. Homosexuals. These perverted souls will never be accepted by a sane people, so they have to ally with the feminists to get society to tolerate their perversion.

    • I have to admit, it’s one of the funnier troll jobs we’ve gotten in a while. The reason it almost works is because it’s not totally crazy to imagine a manospherian being this stupid without any irony intended.

  9. Reblogged this on Stormfront and commented:

    In response to JeremyTaylor’s post on the MRA(Men’s Rights Activism) movement, I present this guy. Our latest race traitor is OmegaVirginRevolt(that’s really his name), a pathetic virgin who hates White women so much blames them for all of his pathetic problems. This guy is a MRA(Men’s Rights Activist), and while the official goals of the MRA movement are nothing but admirable, this man is typical for MRAs, I have seen it myself on MRA forums, who oppose feminism the same reason fat feminists oppose the patriacrhy, because they are at the bottom of the social pecking order and they want to strike out at the opposite sex for refusing to satisfy them. Both feminism and MRAism blame the opposite sex wholly for theor problems, completely in denial to the role the Jews play in designing society. In this post, OmegaVirgin blames women for feminism, as if they have any more say in the matter than he does. In his mind, society is ran by some women’s reading group gathering in their yoga class and talking about how best to screw over men. And Jew bankers like Bernanke are just as much “victims” as he is, because they are fellow men. The moral of this story is that WNs should be very careful around these “MRAs.”

    • It’s always Jews this Jews that with you stormfronters, doesn’t it ever get boring? Really you guys are just a bunch of stupid people angry at the Jews because they have higher IQs than you, just like those Black liberals.

  10. First it was a neverending stream of game defenders that trolled this blog. Lately white nationalists seem to be the ones obsessed with trolling it. I wonder where they’re all coming from? How do they find it?

  11. Saying that feminsm was something done BY women, as you maintain, only makes sense if women control society, or at least have a lot of influence over it. They don’t, men do, men represent over 80% of congress, and over 90% of fortune 500 CEOs. This isn’t an issue of men vs. women, it’s an issue of feminists vs. anti-feminists, and most feminists who matter are men.

    • Saying that feminsm was something done BY women, as you maintain, only makes sense if women control society, or at least have a lot of influence over it. They don’t, men do, men represent over 80% of congress, and over 90% of fortune 500 CEOs. This isn’t an issue of men vs. women, it’s an issue of feminists vs. anti-feminists, and most feminists who matter are men.

      You’re probably too stupid to realize that you just invoked a logical fallacy, the frontman fallacy. You’re also too stupid to realize that you’re arguing that members of Congress don’t represent the people that voted for them but their own genitalia.

      Besides women do control powerful men. The ultimate example is Senator Harry T. Burn, who was an opponent of the 19th Amendment, until his mommy ordered him to support it. This example shows that women were in control of Congress even before they had the right to vote.

  12. Just found this blog.

    This is the best post, of course as supported by the arguments in the other posts found here, and by the challenging arguments in the MGTOW videos by Barbarossa, Stardusk, GWW and Typhon Blue.

    Thanks for your hard work in blogging for the past years and good luck with your career plans.

  13. There is a constant drumbeat of propagrandising with the
    objective to peel white women from white men.
    White women teaming up with black men to depose the white male,
    and the encouragment of race mixing.
    The agenda is genocide against the white male. It’s happening
    right now, and will likely suceed.

  14. Women, call your agency. But seriously folks, that’s only half the problem. The other half is that they want (and the manginas want them to have) the respect accorded to a person with agency. The benefits without the responsibilities. Nice job if you can get it.

  15. Just about everyone has agency. The problem with most women is they have agency and most definitely use it but are constantly bombarded by messages that tell them they don’t. Why so many in recent generations prefer to be victims rather than responsible adults is beyond me.

  16. Also that men have agency. There is an implicit assumption that men can handle any thing that comes there way, and that they are never victim. If something bad outside a mans control happens to him, it must have been his fault. Ive had people who believe in the law of attraction tell me that its my fault if someone (male or female) breaks into my apartment, and steals important documents from me. Not only that if you under 30 you are just assumed to be immature and making excuses.

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