The Reason Why The Manosphere Attracts Scams By The Truckload

We know that game is a scam, the paleo diet is scam, conspiracy theories are scams, and everything else the so called manosphere believes in are scams.  The so called manosphere doesn’t just fall victim to large scale scams like game, the paleo diet, and conspiracy theory.  It falls victim to small scale scams like the fake Georgetown admissions employee that was supposedly discriminating against men and photoshopping of faces on to underwear models.

On top of this there are other scammers which are trying to break into the so called manosphere.  John Rambo has been trying (unsuccessfully) to get the so called manosphere to buy into his fake Indian bride scam.  Peter Andrew Nolan (who is probably the same person as John Rambo) is running a scam known as “freeman on the land”.  “Freeman on the land” is a conspiracy theory where there is a secret way to make yourself exempt from all laws, debts, and taxes (including alimony and child support).  Of course, to get this exemption for all laws everywhere you need to have one of these “freemen” help you who conveniently charge a lot of money for their “help”.  Peter Andrew Nolan has been trying to sell “freeman on the land” unsuccessfully to the so called manosphere.  The only reason Rambo/Nolan haven’t been successful at conning the manosphere with their scams is because their method of selling their scams was to insult, harass, and spam the manosphere.  If Rambo/Nolan had a more slick presentation everyone in the manosphere would be trying to get an Indian bride and trying to exempt themselves from the law.  (I wish that Rambo/Nolan did have a more slick presentation at least when it came to the “freeman on the land” scam because anyone who has tried it has ended up in jail.  It would have been a good and quick way to get rid of the so called manosphere.)

Why are there so many scams in the so called manosphere?  Why does the manosphere fall victim Why is the “gullibleosphere” a more accurate name for the so called manosphere?  Why are scams outside of the manosphere trying to get into the manosphere?  There are several good reasons for this.

It’s the same reason the scam capital of the U.S. is in Utah.  Scams are a huge problem in the Mormon Church to the point where the leadership of the Mormon Church had to directly address the problem.  The reason why scams happen so much among Mormons is because of what is known as “affinity fraud“.  People trust members of “their group” whatever that group is.  In the case of the Mormons, a Mormon will trust another Mormon more than a non-Mormon.  This makes it easier for scammers and con artists to do their job in the Mormon Church because they are already starting from a state of trust and a lack of skepticism.  While the Mormons are the best known example of affinity fraud, it can and does happen in every other group whether its an ethnic group or even just a group of like minded individuals.

Affinity fraud is much easier to accomplish in fringe groups such as white (vagina worshiping) nationalists.  Not only do the W(VW)N trust each other more than the outside world (even more so than say the Mormons), scammers and con artists have additional ways to deflect any skepticism of their actions with techniques like accusing skeptics of working for the Jews.  The nature of W(VW)N makes it easier for scammers and con artists to scam them.  A good example of this is the “redemption” scam/conspiracy theory.  The “redemption” scam was a scam started by a white (vagina worshiping) nationalist named Roger Elvick.  He told his fellow W(VW)N that the government created a secret bank account for each American worth $630,000.  This was supposedly started when the U.S. went off the gold standard because the U.S. had to put up its own citizens as collateral to get loans from bankers.  (Of course, these $630,000 bank accounts are managed by a Jewish cabal.)  Elvick’s scam was that he told people you could access that $630,000 through some legal tricks to pay off debts.  (I’m sure he charged for the service of this “help”.)  Elvick ended up in jail, of course, but he was able to scam so many of his fellow W(VW)N because his scam was an affinity scam squared.  Not only did all of the W(VW)N Elvick scammed trust him because he was one of them, but they trusted Elvick more because they thought they were constantly under siege by the government and the Jews.  Their thinking prevented them from rationally analyzing Elvick’s claims.  Plus, Elvick could shout down any skeptic by accusing them of working for the government or the Jews.  Even scammers in the Mormon Church don’t have options like that.

The redemption scam didn’t die when Elvick was put in jail.  It was repackaged by Mary Elizabeth Croft into its current version which is known as “freeman on the land”, the scam that Peter Andrew Nolan promotes.  (When it comes to the redemption/freeman on the land scam, Roger Elvick is its Eben Pagan, and Mary Elizabeth Croft is its Roissy.)  “Freeman on the land” continues to scam people because its an affinity scam spread among fringe groups who are more susceptible to affinity scams than more mainstream groups.

The so called manosphere is the fringe of the fringe so they are even more susceptible to affinity fraud than regular fringe groups like like the W(VW)N.  The so called manosphere has already attacked scientific inquiry and rational analysis making a scammers job much easier before he even tries to scam the first manospherian.  By their own admission manospherians evaluate things not on an objective analysis of the facts but on verisimilitude.  In other words, the manosphere evaluates things on whether it appears to be correct to them.  For something to appear to be correct to them, it has to fit their own biases and ideology.  Manospherians determine if something is true or not based on their own feelings about it, not facts.  This makes a scammers job much easier since any scammer can easily fool any manospherian by putting the right packaging around their scam.  Unless you’re looking to make millions of dollars (because the so called manosphere doesn’t have much money), the so called manosphere is a wet dream for scammers, particularly small scale scammers.

I wasn’t joking when I said that the so called manosphere should be called the gullibeosphere.  The reason why the so called manosphere attracts scams by the truckload is because it’s incredibly easy to scam them.  A scammer won’t make huge amounts of money off the manosphere since they don’t have much money, but a scammer only needs to do a minimal amount of work to scam the manosphere.  Given how little work a scammer has to do to scam the manosphere, the ROI (return on investment) on scamming the manosphere is higher than the ROI on scamming anyplace else despite the small amounts of money the scammer will be getting.

25 comments on “The Reason Why The Manosphere Attracts Scams By The Truckload

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  2. I was toodling around another manospherian’s blogroll a few days ago and actually came across someone making the claim that paleo diet could cure autism. it’s funny, because before that the only craziness I usually saw about paleo was that it was effective at helping to lose weight and bulk up, yano… normally sane sounding things. now they actually want to claim that paleo can cure brain damage (something that is currently not possible by any means).

    I used to think that you were exaggerating the problem, but I was fucking wrong. the more I learn about the manosphere, the less I enjoy it.

    • I used to think that you were exaggerating the problem, but I was fucking wrong. the more I learn about the manosphere, the less I enjoy it.

      I hear this a lot. My best argument is simply to have you read the manosphere’s own words. It shows you what the manosphere really is better than anything I could say about it.

      I’m not exaggerating about the manosphere. If anything, I’m being too kind to them.

    • The first and best indicator that what you are reading is a fitness scam is if it claims you can bulk and lean at the same time with any efficency.

  3. Speaking of Eben Pagan, this is from his wife’s website;

    Annie Lalla has spent her life studying the labyrinthine world of emotions -mapping the complexities of communication & subtleties of relationships.

    A philosopher, speaker and a thought leader, Annie is known as the “Cartographer of Love”.

    With an Honors Science Degree, major in Human Biology & Philosophy (minor in Buddhism), her studies include integrative psychology, evolutionary science, neurochemistry, therapeutic sexuality & systems dynamics. Alongside explorations in mystic poetry, classic literature & metaphoric narrative are professional certifications in NLP, Coaching & Hypnosis. All these realms converge in her unique Relationship Coaching practice. There, she helps individuals attract, create and foster extraordinary connections that maximize freedom and minimize shame.

    Specializing in love, sex & conflict resolution, Annie teaches her signature method: ‘The Art of Fighting’. She sees conflict as a crucial part of intimacy development. ”Arguments are opportunities to understand your partner better, when handled with maturity & skill they can be used to bring you closer instead of farther apart.”

    Annie has created a suite of practical tools that help clients resolve toxic patterns, develop romantic esteem, diffuse conflict, assuage shame/blame and cultivate deep, resilient relationships that last a lifetime.


    • From Eben Pagan’s Facebook

      The banner says, “Eben Pagan: Self-made Entrepreneur and Information Product Market Leader…..Learn how to Turn What You Already Know Into Information Products that Sell for High Prices Online.”

      My name is Eben Pagan. I created this page to share with you the same methods I used to grow ten different information product brands from home that have generated more than $100 million dollars in sales.
      My name is Eben Pagan. I created this page to share with you the same methods I used to grow ten different information product brands from home that have generated more than $100 million dollars in sales. I’ll take you behind the scenes in my business to show you how much success is possible selling Information Products, Advice and Coaching online – all from working at home on your computer. I’ll also reveal some fascinating trends and statistics about the industry as well as walk you through the process of creating a highly valuable product to sell and then how to make sure your marketing sells it. The idea here is to give you a series of tools and templates and then walk you through how to use them to build or overhaul your information marketing or coaching business.

      I started my business working from my computer in my bedroom ten years ago, all of it done online and all of it done working from home…without any computer degrees or college degrees. I was unemployed, and started with just one ebook on dating advice that I wrote in two weeks. Now I have 10 successful brands that generate more than 1 million in sales each. So what’s my secret? I think it’s pretty simple. I create super, high quality info products and training, stuff that people find really valuable. And you can too…by identifying niche opportunities where there’s a big need and then creating information products people want to buy. That’s what my page is all about: helping you take advantage of an industry that generates over $400 billion a year in worldwide sales. I hope you enjoy it!

  4. John Rambo is over on Return of Court Jesters claiming he lived in India as a Hindu monk for 5 years and also “banged” submissive Indian village girls and that Indian men are “alphas” who don’t let women control them.

    However just a few months ago I found him on an ISKCON (Hare Krishna) blog as a newbie asking questions.

    Had he really lived in India he would know that Indian men live with their mothers their entire lives and are completely controlled by them and marry whoever their moms tell them to even if they don’t want to and even if they love someone else.

    Also, India is an arranged marriage culture. “Submissive Indian village girls” are not even dating, so hooking up and banging some foreigner dude is out of the question.

    (And since when do Hindu “monks” knock about villages looking for “pussy to slay”?)

    Also, he had collaborated with some smarmy Indian dude and they created a fake site for Indian mail order brides with fake photos wherein just to email them you had to pay money with your credit card.

  5. Peter Andrew Nolan posts on that forum called HappierAboard. What is your opinion of HappierAboard and Winston Wu?

      • I just checked it out. BoycottAmericaWomen is posting there saying the exact same things as John Rambo about living in India.

        People asking him advice about India and him saying all these crazy stuff that has no basis in reality. Then when a guy came on there who actually DID live in India and get a girlfriend there, BAW was all, “How did you manage to get a woman in India, dude?? Tell me the details.”… when BAW was claiming months and even years earlier that he lived in India and had an Indian wife!

  6. Haven’t checked it out enough to have an opinion but the photos look like he goes around asking random unknown women to pose in pictures with him. It doesn’t look like they have any relationship with him at all.

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  8. Looks like feminism is the biggest specimen of the affinity scam family – it uses men’s faith in women being beautiful benevolent creatures incapable of doing any unpleasant things.

      • Not just that, but men’s general tendency towards providing for women, giving them resources and listening to their complaints/demands. Basically feminism abuses men’s willingness to please women.

        But then again, so do societies in general. Even so-called patriarchies like the Middle East treat women as a protected class. As noted above, sons are owned by their mothers, and then are in turn owned by their wives. People speak of the middle east’s laws that sometimes punish women for being unfaithful but they are more than compensated otherwise. Muslim men are still the ones being sent out to work, die in wars, take responsibility, etc.

        Women being a protected and provided-for class is worldwide, regardless of whether ‘feminism’ is there or not. If it is there, they are provided for collectively AND individually by men through welfare and other government subsidies. So even single, virgin men like myself must go to work everyday and see how my paycheck is used to support single mothers and other low-income families that decided to pop out multiple kids on a poverty level income.

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  10. Well now, what with all the hate on paleo? I don’t know enough about the red pill to comment on them but all the science backs up the paleo diet. Basic tenants are eat natural, skip sugar and refined carbs. You’re obviously in error when you mockingly suggest Paleo means anti carbs. a quick visit over at Marks Daily Apple or Longecity will provide the evidence. Where is your science, because right now you come across like a scam aimed at people that don’t bother with data. If you’ve got the science to back up your ideas somewhere on this site I apologise in advance. And what is your diet exactly?

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