The Red Pill Idea Is Fundamentally Flawed

Recently Grizzly said the following.

There’s a disturbing meme I’ve been seeing growing lately, and was wondering what you thought of it. Paul Elam himself even raised it here. There are people who are hearing the critiques of the manosphere and even agree with them, but are viewing them as a necessary evil, as being “better than nothing.” It makes me wonder what will happen if this idea gets traction, the idea that a conspiracy kook gamer blog is a better option than being a regular mainstream joe.

I responded to this with a comment pointing out how this was counterproductive for something that wants to be a successful political movement since I suspect that for every kook gained, the MRM loses hundreds of mainstream joes.  (And that is on top of the fact that the kooks are not capable of achieving their own goals.)  The more I think about, it’s actually worse than this.  This is because the red pill idea is fundamentally flawed.

Elam and others believe that to be against feminism and understand mens rights, you have to take the “red pill”.  Only a tiny group of people have taken the “red pill” so they believe that the vast majority of people are “blue pills” which among other things means that they’re feminists.  The only way to go from “blue pill” to “red pill” is some major transformation in thinking according to the “red pills”.  The “red pill” takers can include all sorts of nutjobs as long as they can talk about how they have gone through this supposed transformation.  The first problem with this is the assumption that most men are “blue pill” feminists.  While almost all women are either feminists or de facto feminists, that isn’t true of men.  I have talked to plenty of mainstream joes IRL and in almost all cases, they understood to varying degrees just how much trouble feminism causes.  This is particularly true of men under the age of 35 or so.  They weren’t “blue pills”, not by a long shot.  They don’t need a mental transformation into becoming a “red pill”.

There is no need to focus on mentally transforming men for the most part.  They are there more or less.  What they need isn’t a bunch of rubbish about pill colors, but organization and a vehicle so that they can engage in real action against feminism.  With all of the mainstream joes I have talked to, the two most common things I hear are, “I thought I was the only one” and “since I’m not the only one, where I can sign up to do something?”  Unfortunately, I have no answer to give to the latter question.  I can’t send them to the manosphere because seeing all the kooks there would be the one thing to convince to become feminist manginas.  All this colored pill rubbish has redirected time and energy to unnecessary crap while ignoring the real need from organization and action.

The “red pill” idea by its very nature attracts kooks.  It’s not about targeting a specific problem, but how everything you know about the world is wrong.  This is why the “red pills” talk a lot about how if you took the red pill in one area, like feminism, you should take it in a bunch of others.  The fact that many men don’t take the red pill in areas beyond feminism is a big complaint among the “red pills”.  Here is an example.

For many of the blogs we consider part of the “manosphere,” the red pill simply represents one or possibly two facets of the system. Feminism. Interpersonal relationships. Money. Food.

Many “manosphere” bloggers and commenters appear to have only taken the red pill with regards to one area or another of the 1%’s overall CAFO management programming. The big pictures eludes many.

This brings us to the next problem with the red pill.  It is never ending.  Someone can always come up with another kook idea that should be added to the red pill.  The paleo dieters can say that you need to include the paleo diet to truly take the red pill.  The white supremacists will say that you need to become a racist to take the red pill.  The conspiracy theorists will say that you need to believe the Rockefellers are behind everything to truly take the red pill.  The anti-semitic conspiracy theorists will say that you believe the Jews are behind everything to truly take the red pill and so on.  There’s always someone who can claim that they have taken a bigger red pill than you.  Of course, when the red pill gets too big you choke on it.

The biggest problem with the “red pill” is that it creates a clique since you end up having to believe a bunch of kook crap to join in.  Anyone who is interested in mens rights and fighting feminism, but not the kook crap is an enemy of the “red pills”.  In fact, the “red pills” are so paranoid, they think that men interested in mens rights and anti-feminism but not their kook crap (in other words mainstream joes) is a shill working for corporations and/or the government. This delays the formation of a broad based mainstream mens rights movement which we need if we’re going to challenge feminism.

All of this is on top of the fact that the creator of the red pill idea was a mangina who decided to chop off his dick and go transsexual to become a woman.  From any angle you want to look at it, the red pill idea is completely screwed up and detrimental to the cause of mens rights and fighting feminism.


10 comments on “The Red Pill Idea Is Fundamentally Flawed

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  2. Thanks for clarifying. I’ve been seeing references to this “red pill” thing in the blogosphere for a long time and had no idea what they were talking about. One can only gather so much from context, even if the people using the term seemed to be confident they knew what they meant by it. I’d just come to think of it as something mostly opaque, like a secret handshake.

    I had suspected it might have something to do with red state / blue state politics, but it was a long time before I started seeing references to a “blue pill”, too, and was thus able to confirm that suspicion.

    Somebody more astute than me observed (correctly) that “Democrats fall in love, while Republicans fall in line”, so all the red pillers are are shills and useful idiots for the R’s, trying to bamboozle and herd people into voting for their no-friend-of-the-MRM dolt, when it comes down to it. This is not activism, it’s acceptance of defeat, because the first thing they have to do is convince you of your powerlessness, that you have no choice.

  3. Wow, I didn’t know that about Larry/Lana Wachowski.

    The whole “pill” thing seems a little divisive to me. I’m a little tired of seeing people talk about which “pill” so-and-so is taking. Why not take that time and effort to educate that person instead?

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  5. at its core, the red pill is awareness and understanding of female hypergamy and the female supremacy movement that has created a society that hates men, and has set them up to fail from childhood.

    it’s awareness and understanding that the vast majority of men aren’t aware and don’t understand this, and will punish you socially and/or physically if any women so much as points her finger at you. and all it takes for a woman to point her finger at you is to communicate that you’ve taken the red pill, thus and enemy of women.

    it’s acceptance that marriage and cohabitation with women is a trap, and must be avoided.

    it’s also understanding that men have no reproductive rights, and the traditional role of the father is gone. that having children is a path forced slavery with the ever looming punishment of imprisonment.

    among other this, of course. but once you get the above, it doesn’t really matter what color the pill is, or what other things might be included. with awareness and understanding of the above, you know enough to protect yourself.

  6. The “Red Pill” is designed to make people in these circles look like a bunch of sci-fi dweeb shut-ins.

    It is also designed to invalidate them – make them look like people lost in the fantasy world of a movie – rather than having their head on their shoulders.

    Geez, I have not read this blog in such a long time, I forgot how intelligent the posts were…

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  8. LMAO @ the Forney trackback BP. Fat Bald and stupid is no way to go through life Matt, at least buy clothes that fit! Or is that why he has the donation button?

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