The Reserves

In many countries, the military has a reserve.  In the US, each service has a reserve component, and there is the National Guard.  The reserves are made up of citizens who may get activated when extra troops are needed to supplement the standing military.  When they’re not activated, the reserves train on a regular basis.  In the US, the reserves train one weekend a month and two additional weeks a year.

I have noticed a disturbing parallel to the military reserves in the world of dating advice.  A piece of dating advice I have been given numerous times is, “Just wait until X” where X was “you’re out of high school”, “you’re out of college”, “you’re 25”, “you’re 30”, etc.  In other words, there was going to be some point in time in the not too distant future when all of sudden women were going to be interested in me.  That point in time was always not now, but later.  As time went on, and it didn’t happen people just kept moving the goalposts from after high school, to after college, and so forth.  (Goalpost shifting is common in dating advice.)  This piece of dating advice is not unique to me.  I find it all over the place even when I’m not looking for it such as with this example on the Dickless Man Project.

I would also suggest something I heard from a sex advice columnist. Roughly paraphrased: “Don’t focus on getting your teenaged self laid. Think about getting your 22 year old self laid, and work on becoming a good person (and good future sex partner) in the meantime.”

On the surface, it sounds like this piece of dating advice is just to get men to shut up for a while about not getting laid/not having a girlfriend.  In reality, what is going on is much more sinister.  Notice how the quote above doesn’t say to just wait, but to “work on becoming a good person”.  (It also says to work on being a good future sex partner, but that’s impossible without practice.  This is another example of doublethink in dating advice.)  Whether it’s the so called manosphere, feminists like Dr. Nerdlove Manginalove, or anyone else peddling dating advice, they all spend almost all of their time on nebulous and meaningless “self improvement” and political ideologies instead of how to meet women and get laid/get a girlfriend.  The last thing any of the dating advice peddlers want to see is a man successful with women.

The reason why the dating advice peddlers don’t want you to successfully get women is about more than just money.  It’s not just about keeping you as a paying customer.  Many of the dating advice peddlers don’t even sell anything.  Wanting to make you become a feminist, white nationalist, conspiracy theorist, paleo dieter, etc. is a big part of it, but that isn’t the only reason.

The dating advice peddlers want to keep you in the dating equivalent of the reserves.  If you have something women want like money, eventually there will be women who will show interest in you.  Their interest will be fake, and they will probably be plotting their divorce before you get married.  However, given enough time, there will be women who will at least fake interest in you.  Women are only interest in the 20% of men they find attractive.  Women ignore all other men for the most part until they start realizing that their looks are fading.  This can happen as early as her late 20s or as late as her 30s.  Women have nothing to show for the decades of screwing around with the 20% of men except STDs, a ruined vagina, lots of financial debt, and maybe some kids.  When it’s clear that one of the men in the 20% won’t commit to her, out of desperation she will try to get a man in the 80% before her looks fade.  She needs a stupid man to pay her debts, pay for her kids if she has them or give her kids before she hits menopause.  For women to be able to do this, there has to be men waiting in reserve for her.  The 20% of attractive men aren’t enough to go around.

The problem is why should a man be in the reserves.  There’s no benefit for us in getting together with a ruined former slut with a STD especially if she has kids.  It’s not like we would even get sex out of the deal.  As soon as we’re locked in, our relationships/marriages with them would become mostly if not completely sexless.  We’re all better off going our own way and opting out of anything having to do with women.  To combat this, the dating advice peddlers are trying to keep us on the MDAD treadmill by distracting us with meaningless crap that has nothing to do with meeting women and getting laid/relationships with women.  Self improvement bullshit is perfect for this since it doesn’t have any objective metrics for measuring improvement so they can keep you going in circles until a woman fakes interest in you.  Ideological bullshit is also perfect since gynocentric ideologies such as feminism, white nationalism, the red pill, etc. since it keeps you focused on serving women without getting anything in return for your service.  By distracting you from being aware that you aren’t getting together with women, the dating advice peddlers are keeping you in a position of weakness for when a woman fakes interest in you.

When a man decides to give up on women, he is dropping out of the reserves.  This is something women recognize as an existential threat to them because women are incapable of doing anything except manipulating men.  A man who has dropped out of the reserves can’t be manipulated by women any longer.  This is why giving up on women generates more vitrol from women than men who physically abuse women do.

If you’re part of the reserves, drop out.  All that’s waiting for you are debts, STDs, and a sexless marriage that will end in divorce with you losing half or more of your assets.

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  2. …another thing to mention is the tremendous amount of shaming that you’d get if you were interested in a younger, never married woman who wanted to have children…

    I remember that movie 40 Yr Old Virgin, when he finally hooks up, it’s with a woman who is literally a grandmother. It’s not as if he found another woman who was incel and they were “learning together.” The reality of the situation is that union wouldn’t give the Steve Carol character progeny. Also you’ll get shamed as a never married man if you won’t consider a divorcee. How come if you’ve got good credit, it’s considered pragmatic not to go into business with someone who declared bankruptcy but if you avoid divorcee’s you are a misogynist?

    look at the clusterfuck that is the comment thread on this article of mine…

    I think it makes your case…

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  4. I’ve noticed this phenomenon as well. I’m a 24 year old virgin and no matter what milestone I reached with my career, fitness, knowledge, or self-awareness, none of it helped me attract women. I’m not outlandishly ugly or fat (5’11” @ about 14% body fat) but like WAN I am extremely introverted and capable of seeing women for what they are.

    At this point, however, I couldn’t care less about my success with women. Like you, I’ve experienced abuse and manipulation at the hands of women at a much greater magnitude than I’ve experienced kindness and empathy (which feminists ironically preach as exclusively feminine characteristics).

    I am beginning to consider propagation of false hope to be a supreme evil committed by society (probably the result of brainwashing cognitive dissonance into the general populus). The incredibly disingenuous nature of MDAD is enough to spend most men running in circles their entire lives to seek approval from fundamentally perverse creatures known as women. In essence, whatever time a man wastes in this regard is no different than subtracting years off a man’s life – thus why I believe that MDAD is not only a dangerous falsity but a fatalistic trap for men.

  5. Fine analogy.

    I hate to nitpick, but I’d urge caution on buying into the 80/20 construct. It originates in one of those lifestyle pieces like The Atlantic runs which is meant to be taken quasi-seriously, one on the alleged college hookup culture. Real data is scarce to absent.

    There’s also misunderstanding of how it supposedly works. The premise is that the 20% get the male equivalent of “the pretty girl discount”, that women flip ON the landing strip lights, wave these guys in, and generally make life easier on them. The reality is quite the opposite because women are all natural communists who default to a “from each according to his abilty to pay” rule.

    So the 20%ers get the equivalent of instant price mark-ups, the playing hard to get business, the talks about wanting to take it slow and “doing it right this time”, and all the other runarounds which equate to the Old Sex: make him earn it!

    I’ve pointed to women’s favorite movie of all time, Pretty Woman, as an example of what I’m talking about. When Julia Roberts encounters Richard Gere she doesn’t go back to her streetwalking peers and convince them they have to all sex this guy up to the max and give him the super discount pricing. Instead, the price goes up to about a megabuck per year, the sex vanishes, and she gets to spend the duration of the film as an extraordinarily pampered princess. Women judge their own value on how little they do for men, on how much they cost him.

    Lionel Tiger had a section in his book Decline of Males called “I Find I Do a Lot of Losers” which touches on this. Briefly, he’s at an NYC sidewalk cafe and overhears a conversation between two women at the table next to him.

    This also calls into question one of the biggest red-pill manosphere shibboleths, namely the one about “women are hypergamous” (which is why you’re supposed to “improve” yourself, but I’ve already rambled on long enough. Stay skeptical, stay very skeptical.

    • The 80%/20% actually comes from a marketer/salesman. The original ratio was that 20% of salesmen/marketers make 80% of sales.

      Since PUA started in marketing. This is where they got this shit from. It’s also were they got cold-calling/cold-approaching.

      • Actually, no… It comes from Business Management. It’s called the Paretto Principle. But it has been applied to everything from restaurant menu items to car brands, to clothing, to mastering skills ranging from martials arts and dancing all the way to skills such as singing and painting.

  6. So Mr. Black Pill should we take your writing to mean that you have encountered women interested in you? How do you know the women were faking interest in you? Isn’t it possible that their interest was real but you couldn’t see past your own misogyny? Just because a woman has made a few mistakes or has a child doesn’t make her a bad person.

    I suppose its better that you rejected those women. At least they aren’t suffering by being with an angry misogynist.

    • Oh my!

      You can’t make this stuff up! The town bike with six thuglets by eight fathers ‘has made a few mistakes’ but any one telling the truth about women is an ‘angry misogynist’.

      It speaks for itself: no matter how vile a woman’s behavior is, she’s still a ‘good person’ but any man who objects to being bled dry by these ‘good people’ is the bad guy.

      • Instead of making up fantasies, let’s talk about real women. When you get to Black Pill’s age, many women have been divorced and/or have a kid or two. This does not make them bad people. Women Black Pill’s age have had experience with relationships. It’s not their fault you or Black Pill were too busy being angry misogynists to be in a real relationship with a real woman.

        Even though Black Pill is an angry misogynist, there are still women willing to give him a chance. That’s because of women’s compassion not because women see him as a mark to be conned. Neither you nor Black Pill are good people because you avoided relationship mistakes by never being in a relationship. Mistakes are a source of personal growth that help us develop as human beings. There’s nothing wrong with women just because your personal growth has been stunted by angry misogyny.

        • Man, she’s got you pegged, Black Pill. You’re just a misogyny misogynist who misogynies all the misogyny. If you would just quit the misogyny you would see all the post-wall gutter sluts, uh, I mean the lovely ladies who have made a few mistakes, who want to be with you because compassion or something.

        • Could you define what a “gutter slut” is? Is it just a woman who has had a few more sexual partners than her husband or boyfriend? Is it a widow who you guys think is damaged goods because she has a child? Is it a divorced woman whose ex husband cheated on her because she had more sexual partners than him and he felt he had a right to cheat on her because of that reason?

          The only reason Black Pill has women still willing to give him a chance is because women who have made mistakes have the compassion to not hold other people’s mistakes over them.

          You misogynists aren’t perfect. Just because your mistakes didn’t involve sex doesn’t make you better than the women you spit on.

        • Having a kid or two and divorcing a person does make you a bad person. The woman drove the father away and is abusing her kids by denying them access to the father.

          Sorry feral women are vermin.

  7. Another reason why the analogy works: the man who quits the reserves will be treated exactly like a deserter or a coward – with much the same shaming language too.

    Meanwhile, also exactly like war, those females most vociferous about men’s duty to serve are also the most certain that it would be outrageously outrageous to expect the female of the species to do anything.

  8. Well im just saying the most honesty from a woman u will get is from a prostitute, att least she is honest and willingly gives u sex for money, unlike the rest who make u do shit for sex and u end up not getting any. Thats why I have enough money to reserve me a nice suger baby and I fuck here as much as I want and she gets a reward. As soon as I dont get any shoe to the ass and I get me a more compliant one. This is how women treat us anyways. Might as well stay single ill have a kid when I see the use of it so my name will carry on but it will be with a mutual person with no marriage involved. But the kid stays with me, I dont need to pay no alimony or child support when I can hire a nanny to do a better job than a wife or mother would.

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  11. I have a question after I heard about the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision:

    Why do women scold the Elliot Rodgers of the world that they have no right to sexual fulfillment, but we can’t say anything of the sort to the women who demand contraceptives?

    • Good question. It’s big time hypocrisy. No woman has the right to demand that a man or her employer pay for her contraception. It’s her problem. Let her deal with it.

  12. No man can ever drop out of the reserves as the militia is supposed to be every able body man between the ages of 18-50. See The Militia Acts of 1792.

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  15. Yuck!!!! That “dating advice” is so disgusting. And I generally agree with everything you said here, except the conclusion.
    You shouldn’t give up on woman, just game them with real game (Mystery et all.). NOT that “wait for the right one”, “be patient”, “become a better person” and all that bulchit. NOT get married, get into a very serious relationship or be a provider without getting anything in exchange for that. Just have a few options for fucking here and there, or a beautiful woman in a monogamous relationship IF you are ready to eject when the bullshit comes.
    I don’t really think being cellibate is that good for your health you know. I feel very alpha when I game bitches, and just having a few options available for when I want to get my dick wet. It’s just for entertainment, I mean fucking and sleeping with women is one of the biggest pleasures in life. Masturbation just doesn’t cut it.
    You could even start with fatties etc., I thking that’s better that nothing at all.

  16. This post is not reserves related but in terms of lack of intimacy within a marriage, it is. It’s a reddit post from a 45-year-old ‘nerdy’ guy whose marriage has become sexless because he was okay with his wife’s idea to switch their commited relationship into an open one. Due to the fact that his experience with picking up women is close to zero, his sex life is non-existant while his wife is perfectly able to ride the cock carousel:


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