Why Do I Care About Gamers, Conspiracy Theorists, Etc.?

I get asked from time to time why do I spend so much time on gamers, conspiracy theorists, paleo dieters, etc.  Here is the latest example of this.

Why the hostility towards gamers? If you think that they are worthless and not getting laid, why not just move along? Attention whore? Beta who doesn’t like getting called beta? I really don’t get it. I could give a shit what you think but I am curious, now that I stumbled upon your blog…

There’s only one reason I care about any of these lunatics.  They are invading the mens rights movement.  That’s it.  I’m opposed to the white supremacists invading the MRM for the same reason.  The only reason I even know that there is something called game (much less Roissyite game) or something called the paleo diet is because these lunatics invaded the MRM.  (Obviously, I was aware of conspiracy theorists before my involvement with the MRM.)  I would not have searched them out or even come up with ideas so insane to be able to search them out.

When it comes to conspiracy theorists, I have seen them invade other online communities so I know the result of their invasion.  I have seen forums and blogs on subjects ranging from aviation to video games get ruined by conspiracy theorists who decided to invade them.  In the end the people who came to the forum or blog for aviation, video games, or whatever the actual subject was eventually left since they got tired of arguing against conspiracy theorists.  When enough sane people leave, these blogs and forums get ceded to conspiracy theorists.  While annoying, there are other forums for subjects like video games and aviation.  However, there is only one MRM so if we lose it to the conspiracy theorists, it is gone forever.  Thus we must fight for the MRM against the conspiracy theorists and anyone else who is invading the MRM.

Gamers, conspiracy theorists, paleo dieters, etc. also contribute nothing to the MRM except problems.  There is no benefit to their presence in the MRM.  They don’t do anything for further the cause of mens rights.  (This is not surprising as they have problems holding down jobs and just leaving their houses.)  They don’t even actually believe in mens rights.  They are invading the MRM to look for chumps to run their scams on.  That’s it.  Their presence in the MRM causes huge problems.  They push out sane anti-feminist men and give ammo to the enemies of the MRM by tying us down with insane ideas that have no relevance to the MRM like racism and conspiracy theory.  These people are useless and an albatross around the MRM’s neck.  The more of them we push out of the MRM the better.

I have noticed how whenever the question of why I care about gamers, conspiracy theorists, the paleo diet, etc. comes up there is always an attempt to paint me (or anyone else who is against them) as irrationally hostile and angry and attacking them for no reason.  Like above, I’m asked why don’t I “move along”.  The gamers, conspiracy theorists, paleo dieters, etc. are like burglars who break into your house.  When you realize your house has been broken into, you get your gun, find the burglars and order them to leave, but they respond with, “Why are you so hostile?  We haven’t done anything to you?  Why are you pointing a loaded gun at us?”  That’s the equivalent of the invaders behavior.  They are burglars who are trying to rob the MRM’s “house”.  I can’t “move along” just as I refuse to give up my house to burglars.

I want to see the MRM succeed.  The only way for the MRM to succeed is to get rid of the gamers, conspiracy theorists, paleo dieters, white supremacists, and anyone else who is invading the MRM to run a scam.  If all the invaders would leave the MRM alone, I wouldn’t talk about them anymore and move on to other ways to advance mens rights.

45 comments on “Why Do I Care About Gamers, Conspiracy Theorists, Etc.?

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  3. Tough call for me, from the point of view that gamers point out that women really do want few men … and every other guy and girl that works is paying for it.
    There are no better recruitment agents for MGTOW/MRA than the gamer, the single-mother, the divorce-thefter, the false rape accuser, the gamer-lover female.

    However over the course of all these people is the breeding of ferals.

    Would men care about MGTOW and MRA unless they saw those agents in action?

    They need removal from the MRM … but their presence and effects also recruit into the MRM.

    The other thing about “gamer” as well … they may simply be moving on from one unsuitable female to the next. Somebody has to jump on the grenades. And don’t forget, for women “5 minutes of alpha equals a lifetime of beta” … they pine for the gamers, and would become terrible wives for any man after.

    Would welcome your further thoughts W&N.

    • Gamers aren’t getting laid so I disagree with what you are saying for that reason alone. Beyond that, the issue is that they don’t belong in the MRM. Whatever else the gamers might do, they don’t do anything that moves the MRM forward.

    • The other thing about “gamer” as well … they may simply be moving on from one unsuitable female to the next.

      In their fantasies you mean?

      What you don’t get P-Ray is that most gamers don’t even leave the house.

      THOSE WHO DO leave the house tend to approach and hit on THOUSANDS of chicks to lay ONE. Do you get this? They raise the EGO of thousands of chicks to lay one. How’s that reducing female power?

      Note: This isn’t even a secret, these ratios have been publicly discussed by even some of the roissyites. Did you miss this?

      they pine for the gamers, and would become terrible wives for any man after.

      What the FUCK are you talking about. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU go visit a pua/sedcom/game conference lair or seminar in your city and MEET THESE GUYS. There’s ussually free events and lairs.

      PLEASE GO SEE THEM IN REAL LIFE. You’ll actually feel sorry for them when you see them and be like “Omg, these guys are dorkier than a stereotype ‘bullied dork’ character on TV”. They’re certainly not desirable men that women “pine for”.


      Some of you spend HOURS reading game. Yes, I know you don’t support game or aren’t a gamer yourself – but some of you still buy into their claims, lies and bullshit. SO PLEASE GO ACTUALLY MEET a few IN REAL LIFE to clear things up.

      • I’m going off what I can clearly see in the “5 minutes of alpha beats a lifetime of beta” and “treat her mean, keep her keen”.
        Would women be initiating over 70% of all divorces if they were happy with their choice of man?
        Why do women have so much dating advice and so many bad relationships if they were the superior communicators and have “intuition”?
        Why do women act as if they have one up over the players when they dump him? He got sex … she didn’t get commitment.
        Why do women only accept that the kind of men who should be married … is the kind of man they can corral into accepting them after they’ve been “rode hard and put away wet” … in a way saying that any man who gets married is a loser ,’cause the woman is the one who CHOOSES TO ACCEPT the proposal?

        • Wtf did your comment have to do with the topic? Have you been drinking P-Ray or did you click the reply button on the wrong comment?

        • Alek: Not everybody thinks like you. Doesn’t nean they’re drunk.
          If everyone thought the same, there’d be no innovation in the world.

        • Alek: Not everybody thinks like you. Doesn’t nean they’re drunk.
          If everyone thought the same, there’d be no innovation in the world.

          It has nothing to do with thinking like me. YOU DIDN’T DISAGREE WITH ME. YOU WROTE SOMETHING COMPLETELY UNRELATED.

          (illustration of what happened)

          P-Ray: You know, I think tall people drink a lot of water

          Omega & Alek: Nah, I think they drink little water, I’ve seen them drink very little water

          P-Ray: Yes, but kittens have sex with elephants, and when elephants fuck the sheep the sky turns green, and then you know green skies have water in them, which is why I think flowers bloom in spring

          It’s like what the fuck is this drunkard even talking about. You managed to write like fucking 10 paragraphs that are completely unrelated to the comment you were replying to. It’s like either you are drunk or retarded.

        • Thanks for making what I say so important.
          It makes me think that I’m right.
          P.S. There’s good money in chaperoning drunkards or “retards” as you call them. Might want to rethink that statement.

      • If it’s the 1st.time I’m ever agreeing with the Troll Alek Nova,it’s with this comment(at least the 1st.part of it).

        I wrote a post plus did a podcast of Gamers who have no fucking Game besides theory on how to pick up.

        Heartiste who everyone seems to idolize,he falls into this category.He talks good game,but doesn’t walk it!

        I call out almost every Manospehere blogger over the past month to show their skills via pick-up video or even pic proof.None of them stepped up!

        I am a manospehere guy and MRM also,also an MPUA(master pick-up artist).And I’m not gun shy to record myself in field picking up chics.

        But most of the Manospehere(90%)are couch potatoes.

    • I actually predicted this half a year ago. I mean the general way in which those guys will go out…

      When you buy into something do embarrassingly stupid as game, build up a really loud and strong Internet persona promoting it, invest your whole self in pushing it… And THEN finally learn its an embarrassingly bad scam… It’s really hard to take. People just disappear, invent an excuse for going off the Internet (etc) so they don’t have to admit how much of idiotism they were involved in.

      I mean general gamers who wake up from the general game community cringe and get out of breathe when they think back to their embarrassing past. Now imagine being a paleotard-roissyite… Imagine waking up from that idiocy. Some of these people will have to change countries and leave in a sense of shame for the rest of their lives.

      • I don’t know if that’s true or not, but if he’s really woken up from the cult he’s putting up a good front until the end. He’s still spouting the same gibberish tenets of the cult on his blog and twitter feed until the end. But like you said, that could be his pride talking, where he needs to save face.

      • Now imagine being a paleotard-roissyite… Imagine waking up from that idiocy. Some of these people will have to change countries and leave in a sense of shame for the rest of their lives.

        You’re right about that. Some when realizing the whole thing is a scam will continue to pretend because they are trying to make money off the scam. I wonder if Bardamu was in that category for a while, but now realized that there’s no money to be made so he decided to give up and leave. Others may just dig deeper and claim that the government is tracking them so they need to get offline to protect themselves or that the whole thing was a government or Rockefeller disinformation campaign. (That’s the excuse I expect someone like Hawaiian Fat Blog will use to leave.)

    • I hope that’s true. I’m going to wait for an official announcement and the site actually going down before throwing a party. Knowing Bardamu it could be a joke or an attempt to get people to beg him to stay. I wouldn’t put either of those past him

    • Good we just now need Hawaiian blob to get a job, Roissy to get laid… And we’ll be doing awesome. The MRm is 1/3 down the way to cleaning itself out of infections.


      Ferdinand even admits in his article he was keeping up a persona till the end, even though it’s been a while since he’s woken up.

      That’s kind of how they all go. When you spend tears building up a persona based on idiocy, even when you realize it’s idiocy, it’s hard to admit you were an idiot for 3 years. So you keep up the act (the persona), and then you try to find a way to murder the persona, because you realize it’s the only way out of the mess. This character you’ve created now controls you.

      Same thing happened with Roissy who killed his Roissy character… But then narcisism got the best of him and he “resurrected” as a new persona.

      Hell commit heartiste murder too… You watch my words. His character is nearing its end.

      • Alek – You totally called it long ago about the stages people go through when they deprogram from the cult. FB proved it. It’s like he followed your process step-by-step, like a textbook case. And BP – you were right when you suspected he probably didn’t believe his own BS anymore and was just sticking to his guns for the pride and money. I’m impressed with both of youse. 😉 I gotta wonder if all the anti-PUA stuff didn’t subtly move him, even if he doesn’t want to openly admit it and lose face. Even though he was insane and a part of a cult, he clearly had some intelligence, or at least was far more intelligence than any of his writers with the exception of Advocatus Diaboli. There’s no way he could be that engaged with anti-PUA arguments without some of the logic starting to affect him, even if on a subconscious level.

        For example Roosh, even though he would never openly admit being anti-game, just put out this piece:
        The one right before that was this piece where he admits that game has the counterproductive side-effect of boosting tons of women’s egos:

        Pussy-begging and rampant ego-boosting are two common anti-PUA talking points.

        BTW, I don’t think Roissy ever really killed any of his characters. Here is the theory I’ve pieced together, but it’s only a theory:

        He was outed by Lady Raine and ended up censoring a lot of his blog. He stopped posting for a while, deleted his more offensive blog articles, and asked Lady Raine behind the scenes (according to her) to retract his outing and let bygones be bygones. When that didn’t work, he immediately created the rumor (or at least let it go unchallenged) that his blog was no longer written by the original author and now had a new team of writers. Of course the tone, the hilarious misinterpretations of studies, the sloppy reasoning, and the self-aggrandizing language were all exactly the same, but his gullible followers totally bought the ruse anyway. Now you regularly saw his commenters constantly complaining that the new “substitute” writers were nowhere near as good as the original Roissy and that they wanted him back, even though all the new posts were exactly the same in style and content!

        He felt that ruse wasn’t enough, so he changed his blog name to Citizen Renegade and his author name to Chateau. I think he hoped that people who googled his real name or the name Roissy would not realize find Citizen Renegade or not realize it was the same blog and Chateau was the same blogger.

        However his blog address still had the word “Roissy” in it, so he decided to take it one step further. He took down the original blog altogether and created the heartiste site. He didn’t announce it, he never alerted his readers of the move, and he didn’t leave a forwarding link. He just took it down one day. But he had the new site immediately, on the very same day.

        It wasn’t ever really a killing followed by a resurrection. It was just a move to a new address. It was just the latest of a series of moves designed to recreate some of the anonymity he lost. He was trying to fake his blog death to fool outsiders while banking that his followers would discover his new blog through other Paleo-Game blogs like In Mala Fide. Since these are blogs most outsiders don’t know about, the hope was probably that outsiders googling his real name would not be able to find his new blog and would think the Roissy persona was dead, while Paleo-Game insiders would learn his new address through the Paleo-Game grapevine, giving him the freedom he probably felt he lost from his outing.

      • Good we just now need Hawaiian blob to get a job, Roissy to get laid… And we’ll be doing awesome. The MRm is 1/3 down the way to cleaning itself out of infections.

        Hawaiian Fat Blob is never going to find a job. He’s gone so deep into conspiracy theory that he’s has now gone full into antisemitism.

        There’s more than 3 infections in the MRM. John the Other is still promoting conspiracy theory, and there are some other major personalities of the MRM who are into conspiracy theory.

  4. Black Pill, “Gamers aren’t getting laid” that is so much bullshit, at least in my limited experience. In retrospect, my wife left me when I began being a beta little bitch. My first love interest post divorce pre-game dropped because, you guessed it, I acted like a little beta bitch. Now, after just reading a few of the manosphere blogs I now have not one but two contented litttle bitches happily banging me whenever they can because, you guessed it, I no longer act like a little beta bitch. Shit works for me is all I can say, and I get paid nothig to give this little testimonial. Sorry about your little neeeeeeeed for Mens Rights but don’t bitch at those who are getting lucky. I didn’t come here to argue, but since you were so kind as to reply to my inquiry I came back to read what you said. I still think you are picking a fight and lying about gamers for no good reason. Hell I might even support the MRM if you didn’t all act like little whiney bitches. Why do you attack gamers so? And why do you lie about them not getting laid? Cut it out or risk alienating natural allies.

  5. Well I’m not quite sure how I’d be viewed in the grand scheme of things(based on your article).It’s hard to discern which side are you on per say.

    Anyway,I got lambasted by the Manosphere for calling Roissy a fraud,a guy who has no real-world skills with picking up chics…Not that I was spewing consiracy theories,but giving good reasoning.

    Too many of us who subscribe to the MRM,Manosphere or PUA community are scared shit to go at Heartiste/Roiss and Roosh,and calling them out for their catty shit(in my case at least).

    • Well I’m not quite sure how I’d be viewed in the grand scheme of things(based on your article).It’s hard to discern which side are you on per say.

      You would be a non-Roissyite gamer. That’s still far away from the crap of the Roissyite gamers not to mention the Paleo-Game Cult.

      Anyway,I got lambasted by the Manosphere for calling Roissy a fraud,a guy who has no real-world skills with picking up chics…Not that I was spewing consiracy theories,but giving good reasoning.

      That’s not a conspiracy theory.

  6. @Alek-Youre an idiot with your bigotry against PUA’s and Gamers as usual.Leave that shit over @ Aaron Sleazy’s blog.But it seems like Sleazy has even blacklisted you since you haven’t posted over there in a while.

    Yes,I agree that 90% of the Manospehere are dorks,couch potatos and undesirable men(to women).I exposed this in my controversial article on Roissy.

    But don’t class everyone in the same category.

    • But it seems like Sleazy has even blacklisted you since you haven’t posted over there in a while.

      It’s called having a life retard. I just spent a month traveling with hot chicks. The same ones you jerk off to.

      I’m sorry I didn’t log on to insult dorks like you.

      • Come on Alek,you know better than that.I’m not Roissy.I pick up chics and f-close them if I’m up for it.

        Sleazy didn’t ban me.Blogger blogs are so quirky to post comments,it just discouraged me.

  7. I’d predicted the collapse of InMalaFife about a month ago.

    That bastard Ferdinand and I had a Twitter dispute with some other Gamers,which led to Ferdinand(owner of InMalaFide)talking shit as if he’s off his meds.

    Yall can read the article here

    Ferdinand a Twitter troll fan of Socialkenny

    Or download the podcast episode here: http://kennyspuathoughts.wordpress.com/2012/04/30/socialkennys-pua-showpodcast-episode2on-twitter-troll-ferdinand-bardamu4-29-2012/

    • Ha! People who talk against Roissy are always accused of being the same person/using sock puppets, etc. That would be hilarious if Roissy were doing that.

      • It’s obvious that socialkenny is a sock puppet of BlackPill.

        He is a very elaborate puppet who was carefully constructed to pretend to be a gamer for months on end, so that he can infiltrate gamer-ism and then shoot at Roissy from the inside.

        • Don’t try assume some elaborate plot here Alek.Nothing shady about me.And I never knew of this blog(Black Pill)until today actually.

          My only prob with Roissy is that he doesn’t really sarge.He chats philosophy on pick up,but he doesn’t or can’t apply in field.So I called him out.

      • @Peterman- Wow I didn’t know that.

        Never heard of anyone going at Heartiste except PUA Hate.

        Seems like the rest of the manosphere is scared shit of Roissy.And he is a manipulative blogger.

  8. So who do you guys think is next to go? I predict GL Piggy has to be next. He seems to be striving for mainstream writing success and his racist blog with it’s wonderful contributions like “Blacks Behaving Badly” surely won’t help in that area. I think that’s kind of what happened to Ferd. Based on his obsession with monetizing, he craved some form of mainstream legitimacy. He probably realized that after being on the SPLC hate list and having a blog populated by so many kook and white nationalist fringe nuts he could never transition his internet infamy into mainstream legitimate success. He created this big readership that he couldn’t convert into any respectable form of success. He probably wanted to start over from scratch. I see Chuck Ross wants to be a real freelance writer now and he’s going to have to realize that his Internet shenanigans are going to end up screwing him.

    I don’t think Roissy will quit anytime soon because I think he cares more about the narcissistic supply than the mainstream legitimacy. In fact, I think he’s gone deeper and deeper off the deep end. Since he changed his blog name he’s really gone heavier into the racism.

  9. @Grizzly- Hey Griz,great observations.Seems rational also.

    Ferd basically fucked himself with the kooks and fringes.

    I was vying to be that balance on his blog as a contributing author,but Ferd blew me off and kept the fringe writers which fucked him.

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  11. Sooo…when you talk about “Gamers” you are talking about PUA I assume? When had PUA’s tried to get into the MRM? I always see them laughing at it…

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